V2k Hell and other stuff pt. 2

I had a post on my old blog about the constant Voice to Skull I get. It’s still coming. I have tried multiple radios, putting on a steel cap (not aluminum) and using mylar sheets on my windows and even as a blanket to block em. Nothing works. Maybe a combo. The first time I put on the steel cap the electricity went out around here and it was 11 degrees. It was out over an hour and when the Elec Co men came out to put a new “box” on the pole the next day they glared at me. I know it is somehow attached to the power grid and to the cell towers and probably the individual perps need only use their cell phones or a small handheld device to torment me…or, they have an implant and can telepathically talk at me with it. I want to post all that was said to me (most of it) this morning before I did Bible Study and a little bit after. A blogger did this before and I was shocked and awed at all the nasty V2k he got back then. Looks as if it is no better for me now. Wonder what happened to John?  Here he is:  this site looks sort of like he has abandoned it, but he never posted a whole lot.  His last post is pretty deep.  He liked to try and figure the numbers used in Scripture as well.  I didn’t post the abuse I got yesterday and am being  pellted with abuse today.  Also my computer was really acting up when I got on at first so SOMEONE does not want me to tell the world how ugly I get treated.  Here’s one they just said:  “you will lose EVERYTHING.”  I am a bit scared to post it, the “neighbors” don’t want their ugly dark sides exposed.


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