The Orangemen never leave


Being constantly perped and ridiculed by construction workers around my apartment for 18 months.  They really outdid themselves today.  My “neighbor” goes around and “talks” to them and then instant perp hell!  I get taunted and sexually harassed in English and Spanish all day long.  My “protocol” has gotten way worse since Trump was inaugurated.  I was hoping it would die down when he got into office. The race carding is continuing as well.

Trump pt. 2

Well, the impossible happened: Trump won, discontinuing the Bush/Clinton family dynastic presidencies.  You all deserve him.  He may be better than he seems.  Maybe he will not be the bully he seems.  I do remember in 2008 that Obama was supposed to “save” ti’s.  My V2k told me “not to go downtown” to see the dem convention.

My life is hell now.  I’ve gotten so much racial baiting I want to die.  My perping was bad before but the race baiting started when Obama took office and an evil woman moved next door to me.

Well, if Trump is the failure all you libtards say he will be and he gets us in trouble you DESERVE IT.  PEOPLE GET THE GOVERNMENT THEY DESERVE.

This is for all the family, teachers, therapists, doctors, “friends”, employers, government workers, bus drivers, police officers, etc…who IGNORED THE CRIES of ti’s for now over 50 years and brushed us off as crazy, evil, perverted, racist etc…unless a false flag attack happens or there is complete mayhem Trump will take office in 2 months.  You deserve him.

Ti’s have begged and begged for help and been fluffed off and thrown into jails and mental wards, cut out of the job market, separated from their families and their friends, made homeless or living in misery on the dole when they have skills and work to offer.

Liberals, who were supposed to “care” were the meanest of all.  I laughed when I heard you were pissing and crying and running in the streets demanding Clinton and calling Trump the “fourth reich”.   hahahahaha that was Bush and his pro Nazi family. Then, you waved flags and chanted USA USA…

Enjoy Trump, you stupid smucks.

PS I was telling another ti on You Tube about the police helis flying overhead as I watched his videos and I got this:  “quit exposing us.”  What else do I have but to expose you?  My life is nothing.  All I have is perps passing my window all day and constant threatening V2k.