Death Threat

The other night I got a Voice to Skull death threat while preparing dinner that said “you are going to die on Christmas as a Christmas gift to my (supposed head perp).  I’m sure they are just screwing with me but things have been going pretty bad this fall and early winter and I’m wondering.  They are trying to control me more than ever and I’ve had a computer completely break when I was at the grocery store.  Also, this year my health seems worse.  If I make it to next year I don’t think it will be a good year for me or anyone.  I’ve been having feelings of dread lately about the state of the world, etc.  So, if this blog never gets updated again you’ll know why.

Later on, like today, they Voiced to Skulled they were just “kidding” but who knows?


I was finally going to write a post that has been going around in my head for weeks when just as I was getting ready to write a giant helicopter circled over my block for an hour.  A threat?  You bet.  They flew over my head by my house the week before Thanksgiving as well.  I really want to write this post but am scared to death.

P.S. 1/28/15  It was to be a post on Myron May.  Look at Stoporganizedgangstalking’s latest post to hear actual audio from Myron May.  Planes are flying low over the house right now.  Some other nasty perps that were around last Fall are back.  I had hoped I’d seen the last of them.