The Orangemen never leave


Being constantly perped and ridiculed by construction workers around my apartment for 18 months.  They really outdid themselves today.  My “neighbor” goes around and “talks” to them and then instant perp hell!  I get taunted and sexually harassed in English and Spanish all day long.  My “protocol” has gotten way worse since Trump was inaugurated.  I was hoping it would die down when he got into office. The race carding is continuing as well.

The Summer of Orange

This past summer we were the victims recipients of a major construction project.  Our street got dug up three times to put in a new gas line.  The city hired out a contractor to do the work and they started at 7:00 am sharp M-F.  I would still be in bed and hear PSSSS of the air brakes then the sound of loud motors and beep beep beep.  They started a couple of blocks north of us in June and are still finishing up about 4 blocks away.

The first guy to work was the guy with the signs on the back of his truck.  He would put down all the lovely orange signs, etc…first.  STREET CLOSED.  CONSTRUCTION AHEAD.  NO PARKING.  Then the workers would start working and the sign twirlers would stand outside on the intersecting street with the stop/slow signs letting cars stop or go on the three inches of pavement that was left on the side street.  Laying the pipe in the intersection sort of really disrupted traffic as the street and the intersection was closed.

The street and the alley was closed for months so nights were quiet. Almost

Another project was going on across the alley with a house renovation and they stayed late into the nights and worked 7 days a week at least 14 hours a day, but they didn’t use heavy equipment as much.  Lots of hammering and drills and they took out THE TREE on the 4th of July.  If it grew dark they would move the work inside the house.

Back on the the street, it would be dug up:  asphalt first, then dirt.  Then a huge pipe was soldered together under a tent and installed in the hole.  They would fill up the hole, then use this MACHINE to stamp the asphalt into place.  Boom!  Boom! Boom!!!!  Then it was done.

No it wasn’t.  They dug it up again for some reason, maybe to get the official nod to their project.  Then the dirt went back in and the asphalt was rolled then.  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!  Then it was done.

No it wasn’t.  It was done a THIRD time.  I think they laid that line on just my block for a month.  After that they v-e-r-y slowly moved on still keeping their pipes, etc…on our block while digging on the next.  This went on around us until September?  They aren’t set to finish until next year or so.  Also there was no parking on the street for a couple of months.  I still see their trucks going by to and from where they are working now.

Now there is a new construction project going on a block away, so the orangemen are still around.  It’s a highrise so it will take a lot longer.  There’s another one a block away too:  cranes in the air!  At first that one was fun, too.

Just as the street opened semis full of dirt would come by from 7 to 5 all day as they dug the foundation.  Now it looks pretty quiet over there but they are still working.  Gears grinding, air brakes….it was fun.  Only a few people are there now but I bet it will be a big deal in Spring, if it comes.  We never had Fall, much. It seemed to go from Summer to Winter, Summer lasting until late November.

Someone with a suspicious can of colored paint is walking up and down the street making little colored dots…wonder if we are gonna get dug up again.