My Sanctuary–found poetry

My Sanctuary

My Sense and my Sensibility lacking

Led me to my part of Planet Earth

My Front of the park

I sat down by my outflow pipe

Alive and Well with water and Grey froth

My park, not for 30 Days, but for 30 years

…or so I thought…

A Book in my Pocket but not Dorland’s Book

Maybe a Bible, maybe even a Commentary

Just not too Strong

But usually a mystery or a forensic Medical grossout

For Mega Nutrition I brought my nachos, runts, and chocolate covered Cinnamon bears

I eschewed Dr. Atkins with revulsion

He can keep his New Revolution

I never counted the time nor the pages

Of the Book I read

I had a complete refreshment at at my park

A break from the Satans of this Earth

I felt alive and real

My park has been invaded

My herons and my goose couple “Agnes and Albert”

I see no more