Don’t listen to the Devil

Summer is finally here.  Next month will be my SEVENTH anniversary of hearing I “lost my salvation”.  God has never restored or reassured me that things were OK between us again even after I gave up all my bad habits, took to Bible study, even gave up pork for awhile, fasted once a week, etc….

It all started (I mean my 7 years of Backsliding) when the Devil or a demon spoke in my head (or voice to skull) saying, “it’s been 8 years since you were saved and your live has not changed.  God is ripping you off! You are still fat (this was the one), still single, still poor, still living in filth! You even got turned down for weight loss surgery! Look at this! Do you see a change???”

This was right after a rock idol of mine died and I took it way too hard after bragging to others that even if one of my rock idols dies I won’t be sad because I have Jesus now.  It was a bolt from the blue.

That very evening after I heard of his odd tragic death (they all kind of die that way don’t they?  What about Prince, Whitney Houston, and Micheal Jackson?)  I was depressed and speechless and some voice came in my ear and said that God was “ripping me off” and sort of implying I didn’t have God at all!

I responded to that voice (not having heard of talking demons or V2k) with rebellion against God.  It started small and grew.  I tried to rein myself in about a year after the death and go back on the path but I wasn’t really as serious as I was before.  I found out a former friend died in early 2005 and fell deep into sin after that.  I also found out I was a ti for real in 2005 and felt God had indeed ripped me off.  The reasoning was that if He didn’t care I wouldn’t care.  But, even though my life sucked He did care.  He removed all His blessings on my life one by one over the next 5 years until, on July 26, 2010 I heard a loud voice that vibrated my whole body tell me that I lost my Salvation. It was early in the morning when I woke up.  At first, I thought it was V2k and got over it after a day.  Then, the attacks came.  I heard voices telling me I was no good, and that God thought I was trash, I had nightmares, depression, insomnia and things got so bad I had to go to the ER with an anxiety attack in January 2011.

I had already got myself connected with Christians online to try and work this out.  At first, they told me the “devil” was talking to me and I needed to reform my behavior and come back to God. I needed to pray, fast, read the Bible, give up rock music, fantasies, my black hair, etc….  I obeyed them but things did not get better.  I even had a telephone “deliverance” where the deliverance minister said I had been set free.  But I wasn’t.  Later, I went on a fast and had a ‘revelation” that I had unconfessed  sin in my life.  I hurried home to my internet “friend” and told her and she said, THAT’S IT, now repent after me and you will be free.  But I wasn’t.

At the ER I received my first Ativan which began a benzo addiction that continues to this day.  I went dragging back to shrinks after 3 years of being free of them and also got antidepressants and a sleeping pill.  Even all drugged up I was still a mess and crying all the time.  I spent all day listening to Christian podcasts and remote deliverance shows.  By April 2011, all those Christians I met online were GONE. I began to suspect God had told them to leave me alone.

I now believe that my loss of Salvation was permanent.  Seven years is the time Job was tormented by devils then he was set free.  My life is worse than ever.

Even though I was a ti back then and heard voices I could still wear what I wanted and had more physical freedom than now.  The hatred was not so malignant, with people acting like this was a big joke.  Now people hate me for real.  I’m in bondage. I dared to wear some NAIL POLISH the perps did not like thinking it was trivial, but I paid. Nothing is off limits.  I’m even feeling physical jolts more often.  I used to be more at peace, as well, and would laugh more frequently.  Now, if I laugh, I still feel the bitterness inside.

God might have delivered me from the perps, even if partially, if I had obeyed that night and did not “mourn” my rock star.  I was “mourning” him for years, wearing only black most of the time.

Backsliding starts small and progresses like soul cancer.  I believe I even started to backslide the year before after discovering Christian Hard Rock.  I had a journal from 1998, and even though I did not overtly sin, I was very bitter and angry.  I wasn’t even walking the walk back in ’98!  Still God put up with me back then seeing I was trying my best and not in open rebellion.

The reason why I wanted to post this is that you should never ever listen to the voice of Hell telling you that you have it ill with God.  When I first backslid, I still talked to my family, could wear what I wanted and enjoyed life to a degree.  I loved God and wanted to serve Him even though my life sucked and I had “enemies” all over it seemed.  Do not listen to the damn Devil tell you God is ripping you off.  One thing I DID have before all this was I was pretty sure I was Saved.  The Devil will lie and lie to get you to rebel and Backslide until even God gives up on you.

Later for awhile, I embraced Calvinism because I thought if I got saved back then I was still saved and if I was lost I had lost nothing.  Predestination seemed to work for me.  Now I don’t know. Hyper Calvinism is going around like the Christian Flu because it appeals to the egos of the believers that think they are the “elect”.  How does anyone know for sure?

Whatever the doctrine is, I feel a sense of loss in my life now.  I used to talk to God without fear and felt a sort of friendliness I don’t feel now.  God seems to have become deaf and blind to my plight.  For years, I have tried to “make it up” to HIm, but He is not buying.  Never listen to the Devil.

BTW the dear perps are threatening me and telling me not to post this.

Sober–Angle of self deception? Looking at sober in a new way?

Are you Sober? Am I? What is Sober?

Is Sober merely abstaining from mind altering substances such as liquor and street drugs, or, is it also being in a rational mental state also abstaining from anger and rage and silly frivolity? Is Sober avoiding (if it can be avoided) the depths of melancholy and self pity? How many people are actually Sober in your state your country, the world? Not so many.

Most of my life, I believed I had been “Sober”. Actually, I was only “Sober” on paper since I did not drink nor do street drugs with a few backslidings with alcohol and teen experimentation with pot. I also smoked for a few years.  There was also that time I did the diet pills….For the most part, I did not drink, smoke, or use recreational drugs for almost 50 years. Still, I drink lots of coffee, eat lots of sugar and bread, and take psych drugs, including benzodiazepines.  I’m a junkie, really, if you get down to it.  I have also indulged myself emotionally in anger and ranting and cursing and long periods of self pity and depression.  My Sobriety comes in moments, maybe hours but never for even a day.

I think I have used this “sober clean living” thing as a facade.  It’s a platform for sinful pride.  I’m prideful that I do not indulge in cigarettes, alcohol, sleep with men, gamble, etc…makes me think I have an “in” with God.  It’s all a lie.  God looks at the heart.  Maybe some of His favorites are junkies sitting in alleys.  Mine is a hard fisted miserable sobriety done more for self preservation than to be “good”.  White knuckles could describe it.  If I had a buck for every time I’ve wanted a cigarette these past four years….

There are many actions and attitudes in today’s society that although they do not include beer, cigarettes or cocaine or even an innocent cup of coffee, are not “Sober” activities.

Giving way to anger and rage puts one in an altered state that is ungodly.  People who used to do various drugs and drinks and tell happy stories of those days or linger on those memories or still act immature are considered “dry drunks” by organizations such as AA.  People who indulge themselves in jealousy are taken over by a demon that can lead to murder.  If your cup of tea is melancholy it can lead you to living a “dark” lifestyle where the negative and even gross aspects of life gain importance and God loses out.  Some people use incredible amounts of legal supplements to get a sort of “high”, like the kind you get drinking Red Bull or Five Hour Energy.  Those substances are good in a pinch when extra energy is needed and there is little time for rest.  God knows I have had Red Bull and Five Hour Energy, I just avoid the occult looking Monster drink.

Some people get a high off of starving which some people say is the reason it is so hard to get anorexics to eat.  Some hallucinate on long fasts and keep going on them to get enlightenment or not.  Some people eat until they get sleepy enough to block out the world.  Some people use pornography for a temporary high. There is a hypnotic state achieved by watching a movie or even TV.  Between the constant ads, brainwashing and flicker rate TV and movies are a drug.  I used to feel a lot “better” when I used to watch TV for hours every evening.  Some people use compulsive and extravagant shopping trips to get a high.  Some people play video games for hours on end. Even poor people like me buy stuff we don’t need but want just to “feel better”.  NO one is totally “Sober”.

Most of us delude ourselves into thinking we are living “clean and sober”.  With our laundry list of little habits and emotions we retain a sort of high, just enough to get through a day.  If we were to be truly sober or all substances or media including starving, overeating, and shopping, it would be unendurable to most of us.  Were they more “Sober” in the old days without all the psych drugs and TV and coffee on every corner?  Maybe not.  People consumed a lot more alcohol than we do now and there was not a “drinking age”.  Alcohol was served at least once a day in an average household that was not overtly religious.  People smoked more, too, especially men.  Overall, they were “more Sober” than we are in this techno-controlled society.  Shopping was limited, there were not restaurants on every corner, no easily available porn, or psych drugs.  People were grateful to eat and did not worship “skinny”.  For some, they did not even get needful medication for their ills, living in constant pain.\

Could people live “Sober” today?  If one was willing to live without the TV, the Internet, Coffee, Sweets, any psych drugs, movies, drugs and alcohol and cigarettes, and even shopping except for necessities, you could be sort of “Sober”.  What about books?  Do some books make people high?  Would people have to live without novels or sensational journalism?  What about puzzles?  Where does it end?  Would we be hunched over a candle in a small room reading a Bible Commentary for hours or be like Lincoln reading Law by the fire?

d-Day II–diets I DIDN’T try.


stillmans many diets....
Fun reading this in the basement of rents home
the food is available at wal mart now.
h wood diet
toilet paper runs and infrastructure damage on the ORIGINAL diet which called for mounds of pineapple
fit for life
Looked fun but never tried
banana diet
bananas and milk all day long
roux en y
This could have been me
manbelly disappearing
belly starting to disappear after repeated wraps.

Here are some diets/gimmicks I have never tried.

  1. Stillman–even worse than Atkins or Scarsdale, it was before my time
  2. HOW diet program, reported to be strict
  3. Jenny Craig–the food costs make this the most expensive diet
  4. Hollywood Diet–the fruit one–a way to waste lots of toilet paper
  5. Fit for Life–I was interested but never did it
  6. banana diet–only bananas and milk
  7. Stomach Surgery–lap band or roux en y…got left by the dr before he did it.
  8. Blood Type Diet…instructions didn’t seem too clear for my blood type
  9. body wrapping..expensive and temporary
  10. raw diet…too hard
old school dexatrim
A slight giddy dizzy high feeling. No appetite suppression.


Here are some other things I tried that I forgot last post

  1. Dexatrim…grocery store diet aids before they took out the active ingrediet.  Did not work but made you a little hyper and nervous.  lost 4 pounds once?
  2. Dived back into my old diet pills leftover in 1993 and 1998.  Got sick in 1998 from them and could not stop throwing up.  Threw them away at last.
  3. Using 3 day fasts as weight control…only lost water.  Fasts aren’t for weight loss anyway

That’s all folks.  Dieting makes you fat.  Psych pills make you fatter.  Overeating never helps.

Die With a T

My Diet History or, the Obesity of Me

All my life I’ve struggled with obesity/overweight.  From early puberty when I saw my “thunder thighs” and “rhinoceros ass”, I knew I was flawed.  My mother told me I was fat and my classmates weighed about 105 pounds or so.  I started my first diet at age 12 or 13 and I haven’t stopped my last one.  So, now, huge again, on psych drugs that I had said I’d never take again and desperately looking for a way to take back the weight loss I had obtained by the end of 2010 (not my goal but closer) when I had walked and fidgeted down to a size 16 fueled by gallons of diet soda.  Until I found out that aspartame was poison….

I have worn every size from 7 to 26 on my fat journey.  The latest thing I want to do is not dieting but compression from corsets.  Some weight does come off, but the biggest thing with the corsets is to be proportional to the rest of my body.  Psych drugs give you a huuuuge belly.  Oh well, it’s probably just another “brilliant” idea I have to try and beat the weight rap.  I’ve been there and done that”  I’ve tried tons of diets.  A list of what I’ve tried is at the end of the post.  Here is my account to control my spreading body beginning at age 13 or so up until now in “middle” age which looks like old age on me.

lil crouton die with a t


I first began my dieting “career” at age 13 or maybe 12 in 1978 or 1979.  After a few solo tries of only losing a few pounds, I went with my parents on the very restrictive Scarsdale Diet (before the murder).  I think the diet lasted 2 weeks (or weaks).  I lost about 7 pounds, my jeans sagged and I felt so weak at the end of it I wanted to melt into the floor.  I was glad that diet was over.  My mother said I should weigh 110.  It seemed an impossible goal.

I had a bout w/mono in 1979 and I stopped eating for a short while because my tonsils had swollen.  By the time my mother took me to the doctor 2 weeks later I had lost essentially the same 7 pounds.  Back down to 122 this time.  I guess I should have been happy to be thinner by summer, but my life sucked so bad even WEIGHT took a back seat.  I gained it back the next year.


By freshman year I’d grown to my full height but was still getting chunky.  For some reason the school nurse decided to take me under her wing to help me reduce.  At 5’7″ I weighed 129.5.  I guess she thought if I reduced I would have a better social life at school.  Those girls were so little I would have had to gotten ana to get the attention of anyone there.  I lost 14.5 pounds to 115–the smallest I’ve ever been.  I was relatively long and lean for about 3 months until it started creeping back.  I went to 135, then, 145, then 148 or so.  My mother took me to a weight loss center where they tried to get me to eat 800 calories a day.  Was it Auschwitz?  I wondered.  I kept burping up the taste of the nasty vitamin pill they gave me.  I lost only 7 pounds and dropped out of the center and school and ended up in 2 looney bins as recorded in Stelazine Diaries.

I was even bigger by “senior” year.  I had dropped out by then, but planned to go back and try and finish High School.  I weighed 155 in October and I used up the leftover time from the weight loss center to try again just a little less stringently.  I lost 30 pounds before school started in January.  I was 125.  I got a haircut, a few new clothes, a very demanding class schedule and I lasted a week.  By then, I had spent my miserable adolescence in and out of shrink’s offices, the hospital, and diets.  I ran off from school after a cruel word from a classmate (thought they would let up on me as I had been gone a year.  I knew nothing yet.)  Then I ran off hopping around on interstates all the way to Florida before I came home, got work, got my GED and started college in the fall.  The college still took GEDs and gave you an entrance exam.

I was still OK in the 130s when I started college.  I stayed relatively thin for awhile by joining a gym and getting a strenuous job during summer break.  The fat started to come back after Sophomore Year when I dropped out and went to work.  I ate a lot to comfort myself doing menial jobs, and I really started to blow up.  I was big for the first time in my life.  I weighed 177.  I went back to school having failed to work at anything but temp trash jobs.

I decided I looked bad and went on my own very diet after my grandmother promised me a trip if I lost weight.  When we left on the trip in the summer of Junior Year I weighed 140.  I eventually lost to about 130 by the time Senior Year started.  I kept it off awhile, only gaining 8 pounds by graduation.  I saw the increase on the scale and the Spring of Senior year I tried OA to correct the problem.  I did not lost anything in almost 2 years of OA meetings.  Oh how my weight was “cunning baffling and powerful”

After graduation, I floundered around doing temp jobs and generally failing at life. See my post on jobs.  I didn’t know I was a target then.  I started Jazzercise to keep my increasing weight at about 150 for awhile.  When I quit Jazzercise after getting thrown out of my parent’s home, the old weight started piling on.


When I moved home again after another failed attempt to support myself, my weight soared after a medical emergency where I had to take massive prednisone for awhile.  I went over 180 for the first time.  When I moved out again upon getting a job, I gained even more weight eating in my own kitchen for the first time.  I had on failed trip to Weight Watchers during 1991 when I got to 175.  During my first and only “real” job my weight approached 200 (I saw the needle hit 205 once) for the first time.  I went on vacation at 190 and had a miserable time and to get my mind off it I decided to “do something” about my weight.

I went to a weight doctor the other ladies on my floor went to.  It was 1992.  He was a pill doc that charged high rates for mostly doling out the pills after a very brief exam and consultation.  Their were several pills in the cocktail but the most important one was the magic pill:  phentermine.  I started at 199.5, I kid you not.  I started taking the pills feeling less depressed and more energetic:  I felt the best I had in my whole life.  It was the drug’s siren song.  All kisses at first then nasty later.  I could NOT believe I could go a whole work day WITHOUT BEING HUNGRY.  I lost 30 fast pounds in the first two months and pleased my parents in a smaller dress for the Jewish High Holidays.  I had dropped 2 sizes in a minute.  I continued to lose weight down to 145 where I plateaued out and got sick of the side effects of the pills.  I had the weight off for the most part (only 10 to go) but I knew I could not keep it off.  I asked the nurse there what I could do to keep it off at the last meeting in May 1993.  She told me to eat 1500 calories a day for the rest of my life.  suuure.

I did keep off some of it for a year or more by trying to eat macrobiotic.  It was funny.  All my favorite foods were forbidden.  I bought the weird food and ate it but could not give up bread, cheese, coffee, or chocolate.  I went on an anti-depressant for the depression was becoming chronic at that time (and so was the targetting) and my weight soared.  By late 2005 I was 190 or so and by late 2006 I was at an all time high, 208.  Then, the geniuses tried me on an antipsychotic drug that took away my appetite and made me anxious and depressed to no end.  I went down 26 pounds in about 2 months.  Suddenly, I was not a plus size for a few months.

I started blowing up again after that and by 1998 my weight was soaring.  I lost a job and then I could find no work so I ended up working fast food again.  I stepped on the scale…215!!!!  I was truly among the fat.  By the summer of 1999 and another job lost I was at 230–huge!


In 2000, after getting my government benes I joined Weigh Down Workshop because it was supposed to be for Christian ladies.  They turned into a cult apparently later on and the woman who started the plan had never been fat.  I lost 22 pounds in the 3 month class but was never called again when it started again.  The  predictable happened again.  I blew up even bigger.  I joined a weight loss group at a mental health center in 2002 and lost 26 pounds before they disbanded.  Before I had lost that weight even plus sizes were becoming too small.  I went to a diet doctor who said he’d do Weight Loss Surgery on me.  I was 240.  He bailed at the last second even after I had taken all the classes.  He had promised me to get me to 160 or so.

My weight soared again by the beginning of 2005 and I smashed the scales at 257.  Someone had taken a picture of me in 2004 and I didn’t even recognize myself.  I got down on my knees and prayed to God to lose weight.  He met me part way.  Despite vowing to God I would NOT take phentermine again, I ordered some online.  After an eternity it got to the apartment.  I started walking regularly.  I went down to the 220s again, and I ordered it online again when the scale threatened 230.  After that I started to exercise more.  I went down to about 205 by early 2010.  I had quit the psych drugs in the attempt to lose weight and get my mind back.


In early 2010 I had surgery to correct a defect and went down to 197 about 2 weeks after surgery. It was the first time under 200 for over 10 years.  After that, as I healed it crept up to 205-210 for awhile until I had a mental break over some nasty shit the perps did to me.  I slowly stopped eating and kept on walking.  I went down to 185 and could see my face in the mirror instead of fat but I was going down the drain fast.  I felt like I was going to die.  I could not eat, it didn’t digest, I could not sleep, and I could not sit still for even 5 minutes. I even took to alcohol for relief.  My pants grew large.  I was back into a size 16 but it didn’t last.  The only real help I got were the good ol psych pills and I was up to 215 before I knew it.  My weight has ranged from 210 to 230 since then.  I will die fat unless a miracle happens.  I hope the diet doctor who was gonna give me the roux en y gets fat.  LOL

Update:  Corsets work but only when they are on.  I can’t aggressively “waist train” because of breathing problems.  Down a few LB’s since I last wrote this but cannot get back to onederland.

The diets I’ve Tried

  1. Scarsdale, lost 7
  2. School Nurse lost 14.5
  3. Weight Loss Center (now defunct) lost 30
  4. Dieted on my Own lost 46
  5. Renee Taylor Diet Book lost 3 because I quit on veggie day
  6. 4-day diet lost 4
  7. Weight Watchers lost 10
  8. Diet Doc with pills lost 54
  9. Tried macrobiotics lost nothing
  10. Dieted one summer while working out at a gym lost 11.5
  11. Weigh Down Workshop lost 22
  12. Latter day Phentermine lost 30 then 20
  13. Walking regimen getting off psych pills lost 15
  14. Nervous Break lost 20?


  1. Paleo diet lost nothing
  2. Cabbage Soup diet lost about 3
  3. Attempts to throw up no dice
  4. Fiber Pills LOL
  5. Lemonade Master Cleanse HAHA
  6. OA gained 15
  7. TOPS lost nothing
  8. Renee Taylor diet lost 3 or so
  9. Nicking a Water Pill 2 pounds
  10. Colonoscopy nothin’

There is is 40 years of nothin’.  Here’s a look at a woman struggling to lose weight for 40 years but she got thin and wrote a book.

Lose Weight Without Dieting!!!

reshaping an obese belly
reshaping an obese belly
fashion corset for dressing up
corset worn on outside
waist training corset, long
waist training short “cincher”
daring..not for church ladies
Do Not Wear To Church LOL

I haven’t posted in a long time: I’ve been in a depressed funk and also I’m withdrawing from one of the hardest psych drugs to withdraw from. The side effects were getting to me again so I had to quit again.  My sixth? antipsychotic drug I didn’t need.  Every morning I’d have rages and tears. It was awful. I’ve gone thru 6 weeks of itching all over, mild nausea, increased anxiety, and brain funk…not being able to write or even speak well for the withdrawal, the other side of the psych drug sword.

But wasn’t this post about losing weight without dieting? It is.

When you are on psych drugs, especially, you grow an enormous belly. I don’t know why. Your clothes don’t fit, you feel ugly and bloated and old. You have lost your waist. I have found by looking on the net there is a way to get back a proportional waist or even smaller: waist training with corsets.

It’s happening all over the country. People are losing belly fat by waist training and even losing weight doing it since the corset reduces appetite while wearing it.  They also do core exercises to keep the abdominal area strong and some are even trying to diet.  So, 100 years after the invention of the bra, women are returning to the corsets of their ancestors.

My grandmother wore a modern version of the corset:  the panty girdle.  So did my mother.  It was a bullet proof contraption to hold in the tummy and derriere.  A bra, usually a huge white or black one, was worn on top.  Stockings, as in corsets, were attached by “suspenders” that hung off the girdle.  More modern shapewear like Spanx. (I don’t endorse Spanx.)  was supposed to constrict like old timey girdles but also make you appear thinner.  I’ve tried the tight shapers in a cheaper brand and saw little reduction.  It only reduces huge muffin top and rear wiggle.

Corsets used for “waist training” are bought in a size 4 inches to 7 or 8 inches smaller than the natural waist and are worn in increasing increments daily until you “lace down” to the size of the corset, or it closes.  Then, it’s time to get a new smaller one.  Some natural waist reduction occurs as well so on a corset less day you still look smaller.

Still you will remain fat in other areas unless you diet and exercise.  Some people only take off their corsets to bathe and work out.  There are dangers with corsets such as some organs moving downward and the bottom two “floating” ribs being drawn in.  It is suggested to “lace down” gradually after “seasoning”or breaking in the corset to avoid medical problems.

Since the first diet book was written in 1918 by Lulu Hunt Peters, this country and others have been obsessed with weight reduction.  The newer simpler clothing starting in the 1920’s required thin bodies without corsets– showed all the fat.  There is a new diet a week in all women’s magazines.  If you read them they are about the same…lower calories and fat and exercise.  They don’t want to be sued.  They find random women who have lost 200 pounds and say they followed the diet featured that week but who knows what happened.  Maybe they got their stomach stapled.  So, now, women who have been on the diet go round since puberty are sick of it and want to see results right away.

Corsets are expensive, starting at about 100 bucks and going up.  Custom corsets start at about 400 dollars.  They also wear out and the corset wearer will find they need to buy more than one corset to trade off if the other one is getting washed, etc.  People into corsetry  will buy a wardrobe of corsets over time. A real corset is “boned” with steel nowadays and not whalebone of times past and definitely not plastic which is worse than buying nothing at all. A waist trainer has more than twenty steel “bones”.  It’s bulletproof, almost. It is still less expensive and risky than Weight Loss Surgery.

Most of my information came from Lucy’s Corsetry You Tube Page and

Orchard Corsets webpage and videos.  I do not officially endorse either brand.

Corset wear is kind of hard if you work.  First, you must put on a soft t-shirt under the corset to avoid chafing.  After the corset is laced, someone working would have to wear loose fitting or empire waisted shirts.  Laces must be tucked in after tying excess to not show on the outside.  People wear their corsets out of their clothes at home, for casual wear, or even dressing up and showing a fancy corset as part of an outfit.  New corsets are not all white huge contraptions as seen like in the Sears Catalog for like 1912 or so.  They are more streamlined and stylish.  Some women even wear “over bust” corsets on their own for outerwear.  Some daring women.

Some corsets are prescribed by doctors after surgery and for sciliosis and run so tight that reductions are seen.  There are also industrial back braces that don’t tight lace for workers with weak backs and workout corsets that make your stomach sweat and temporarily reduce.  They are not lingerie.

workout waist belt
workout waist belt

I got the idea that compression worked because I wear tight socks under boots and sometimes wear braces as well.  I noticed my ankles and feet weren’t water filled and ugly anymore and wondered about compression on other areas in the body.  The compression from modern compression garments such as Spanx does not last after the garment is taken off but corsets are more extreme and your body does hold its shape after they are taken off.

I don’t know if I will buy a corset.  I’d have to buy it in the mail and it would have to pass thru mail handlers or Fed Ex or UPS and who knows if my corset would come in one piece?  There is no place to buy one around here retail.  One lingerie store offers a corset but it’s one of the “sexy” ones used as lingerie but not very functional.  It was 300 dollars as well.  Even Victoria’s Secret only has one corset in stock.  They are hard to come by except thru the mail.