The Orangemen never leave


Being constantly perped and ridiculed by construction workers around my apartment for 18 months.  They really outdid themselves today.  My “neighbor” goes around and “talks” to them and then instant perp hell!  I get taunted and sexually harassed in English and Spanish all day long.  My “protocol” has gotten way worse since Trump was inaugurated.  I was hoping it would die down when he got into office. The race carding is continuing as well.

Red or Blue? I’m only 3/5 of a person

The perps gave me so many second thoughts about voting and so much extra harassment I did not vote.  Apparently, the voting “machines” are malfunctioning and changing votes anyway.  The ones made by DIEbold.  I have not voted since 2004 because I found out I was a ti in 2005 (actually knew since 2000 but would not admit it to myself).  It seemed to be stupid to vote as a “citizen” if I am really just a slave.  Being threatened not to wear red today and blue is a “forbidden” color I rarely wear.  If only Bernie had won the nomination…..

This accidentally or on perpose posted on another site……your “selection” is coming up republicat/demmican

Do I hear right or is Donald Trump the leading Repub candidate?  It looks as if the conservatoids are putting up another Clown Prince to win the Repub Nomination so the Politically Correct yet Cruel and Unusual New Dems can continue to run our lives.  The first Clown Prince was McCain who was over 70 and had had cancer 3 times and an alien looking wife.  The second was that Mormon Mitt Romney (who was gonna elect a Mormon?) and now we have this rich man with a hootchie cootchie wife who has no political experience who ran a reality show and was too ashamed to crown Miss Universe this year. Is Trump in Real Estate?

I don’t usually watch pageants but I was bored and it was free, so I watched it.  Those girls were so thin during the swimsuit competition that their stomachs curved in and the musculature on their stick arms was apparent. The dresses were so revealing it was embarrassing.  Since my state did not even make the top 15 I decided to watch the pre pageant show.  I was watching and the host of that show “flashed the horns” to the judges meaning he’s in the devil club.  I turned it off.  Any winner of the competition will be ground up like hamburger in the satan system.  Obey or be taken down.  A certain ti pastor I’m not allowed to listen to says you have to be one of the devil’s own to even sit at Mickey D’s without harassment.  What an ugly world. The old presidential “horse and pony show” will come out as the elite predict…What an evil generation. At least 100 or more years ago you could escape into nature to get away from the system.