Finally Read Wintergirls

I Finally found it on the shelf.  I loved the deep sarcasm that “Lia” the protagonist feels towards, life, everything.  Her dualistic life is so much like that of a ti trying to appear normal in the world but screaming on the inside.   The main deal is that Lia’s estranged friend, Cassie, tries to call her 30 times on the night she dies at a cheap motel while drinking, binging and purging.  Lia never picks up and the friend ends up dead.  Lia starts getting “haunted” by her friend and her anorexia gets worse.  She also has to deal with living with her step family and her poor relationship with her eccentric mother.

The ghostly visions of her dead friend are manifestations of her guilt and advancing disease.  There is also an interesting side plot of Lia’s friendship with the hotel’s caretaker.

I think Anderson should have gone more into the backstory of how both girls got eating disorders but it seems to focus on New Year’s Eve during 8th grade when left alone at a ski resort while their parents went to a party.

The way Anderson writes the book is fascinating.  All of Lia’s real thoughts and feelings are crossed out.  That style of writing make a great blog post. Maybe a Post a Day.  Please write as you ordinarily would then put in what you real feel but put a line through it.  It’s been done before I’m sure.  I’ve done it before, but not like Anderson.

This author has written many other books.  They are Young Adult so I probably won’t read the others, but she has a book about a teen with a war vet father that looks interesting.