Running out of things to say

I have been a ti for nearly 30 years and don’t see the point of always coming on here and complaining about the perps.  I had a bit of hope when that man from You Tube was able to get “them” to stop by Spiritual Warfare and a couple (at least) of other people as well have been able to get “it” to stop using the Bible and prayer.  I can’t seem to do it.  Maybe God doubts my sincerity.  Some say they surrender to Jesus and everything is basically OK from then on with the exception of a few angry perps hovering in the background but the interference in their lives stops altogether and they can live again.

I’ve shared my past, I’ve shared my targeting, done Post a Day’s. etc…but this blog is still dead.  I have pretty much said what I wanted to say.  Even the stuff about the rabbi which was festering deep in my soul.  My sister did not recognize my birthday and I’m dead to her.  Up yours, “sis”.  I wonder if I ever really had a sister.

I wish I kept the old blog but I didn’t.

I think it’s time to put this blog on ice awhile.  The people who I follow are mostly gone now for the most part.  I commented on a post from someone I’ve been following a long time and it sits out there not approved.  I know there are other blogs.  Newer blogs.  I think the battle is in the Spirit.  It is the only way to win against them.  Even having money does not save you.  Celebrities are even targets.

It’s Jesus or nothing.