I have been having some money problems lately and also got my food stamps cut a couple of years ago and not replaced up to the level they were.  They are at the level I had in about 2005. Prices are up. According to calculations, to eat only on SNAP I’d have to eat $2.63 worth of food a day.  I never could make it.  I spend a lot of cash on food.  The cash runs out and the food runs out.  Cooking for hours in a non air conditioned apt for hours is not feasible since it heats things up for hours even more if you do. If it’s 85 in the apt do you want to cook a 2 hour dinner?

Eating “out” at fast food is about 10 to 12 bucks unless you order off the “dollar” menu or eat at Mickey D’s.  I went out with someone to a “nice” restaurant chain for lunch (because he paid) and the food cost a lot and both of us noticed that the meat seemed a bit old. Add to that a snarky waiter and it…sucked.  This food chain used to be so nice I would go there on my birthday..I would have enjoyed eating at Wendy’s more than eating beef I was not sure of!  The bill, which I saw this time, added up to half of what I get in a month!!!!!!!!

My “stamps” seem to pay for one week of food.  I’m eating too high on the hog.  According to a USDA web site in 2015 a woman my age should eat between 38 to 75 dollars a week depending on whether she ate “thrifty”, “low cost”, or “fancy”.  Here is an article that discusses food stamps.  It states that an average recipient should get enough SNAP credit to eat 4.00 worth of food a day.  That ain’t much.  I get at least a third less.  I USED to get what would give me 4 bucks a day’s worth, and, by buying in bulk at a membership store, I could last about 2.5 to 3 weeks on groceries from SNAP and a little cash.  Cash and eating at my former friend’s house plus her bringing her excess food made up the rest.

I’m gonna end up eating beans every day…..Wally World has seemed more expensive lately so I went to our main food store here in town and got more for my money but more perping as usual.  It seemed there was a perp in every aisle watching what I was getting and reporting on it.  I was also followed around like a thief.  I doubt I’ll be back.

At other food stores here I’ve been race baited/watched/abused and even banned from one store I do not miss so much except that it was convenient to public transportation.

I’m obviously not starving to death but I’m buying convenience food because it seems cheaper than buying the ingredients, plus they weigh more to lug around. I’m also depressed because my girlfriend (not that kind) no longer talks to me and I don’t want to spend lots of time on cooking to just eat it at the computer.

I should post the main points on my eating woes from 2009 on the old blog.  Back then, you could visit as many food banks as you needed to eat. Now they put you in a database and supposedly you can only eat out of one food bank.

My former friend had a great food bank to go to but I did not live in the area.  They gave you like at least 50 bucks of food a time including meat and milk and veggies!  They were rude and perpy to me whenever i went with her and had this woman always tell me to “go to hell” when I passed her.  This food bank was at a church!  The sign on a slab of sandstone at the door said that the “Gates of Hell would not prevail” there but they have!

I “ate out” at another restaurant myself earlier this month and it was just a hamburger lunch. 12 bucks for fast food.  Most Americans eat at least one meal out a day every day or have takeout/delivery.  I “eat out” about 5 times a month.

In the past, food was cheaper.  Hamburger was a buck a pound.  You could eat well for 30 or 40 bucks a week.  When I worked, I ate 1 to 2 meals out each day and ate at home plus snacks and TV “binges”.  I hardly ever ran out.  Now I do.  Restaurant meals were about 4 or 5 bucks.  The wages I got there are no different than the current minimum wage today.  I eat 2 meals a day usually and am guilty of liking “sweets” to calm my nerves.

The rich yuppie women who live around here are skeletal.  Do they save money or eat specialty food in tiny packages?  The working class neighbors weigh more but seem to “get pizza” delivered a lot.

Something smells in Denmark.  Put on your gasmasks if I end up eating more beans.