This is a continuation of my old blog on gangstalking/mind control/ and other harassment along with book reviews and other stupid opinions that few if any others share.  I live in a land between the land of YR where everything is crazy and the “gods” rule the land and the land of Ideath where ideas are forbidden and each day has a color.  My more controversial ideas included the opinion that eating disorders were mind control “diseases” in order to silence and control brilliant women and, that perps (gangstalking perpetrators) had already taken the Mark of the Beast, therefore, could not change their actions nor repent of them.

This was probably the one that got me in all the “trouble” with the perps.  I am not sure if all perps are beyond redemption, but I believe many are.  I read a blog recently, not a gangstalking blog, that said that hateful people already had their souls attached to hell and were controlled by hell.  I also believe that perps are the real victims, being downgraded from human beings to tractable animals in advance of the New World Order since if real humans are still around when it occurs, I think very few would “vote” for the devil to be the new Dictator.  If people are distracted from real life (living laughing loving etc) into watching a ti full time and getting all the  joy they used to have thru living now, instead, by hurting fellow human beings who have done nothing to them, then humanity has slid down the scale into animal-hood—except it is my opinion animals are better.

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