2 Years of Nothing: It’s Feb 9 today…

I have been here 2 years this time around.  The last time it was barely over 3. This blog is not like the old blog where I took risks and researched topics and made outrageous statements.  I thought this gangstalking sh*t was gonna end soon and I thought I was gonna expose it!  Now I see the big picture (who can’t?) and there is no way this thing is gonna end anytime soon.  I had a handwritten post ready on Myron May and when I went to post it a large heli flew over my apt. for an hour.   Around and around my block.  A threat.  I’m scared to post. In August, I went to the Wally World for groceries and came home to a dead computer.  It was working fine when I left.  Someone “fried” my computer for some reason…maybe because I was taking Writing 101/201 classes?  It was totally dead.  A very nice person bought me an inexpensive computer but who knows what will set the perps off next?  My old computer was 4 1/2 years old, which is considered old for a ti computer.  Who knows? I’m trying corseting now.  I look pretty good with it laced up (everything is relative hahahaha), but have not really laced down any serious inches.  I bought the wrong kind and this overbust is not the best for waist training.  The first two weeks seasoning it were hell but after that it became more comfortable.  Once it’s off my huge gut looks a little smaller and flatter, but, if I skip a day my stomach springs back.  The smallest I’ve been able to pull myself in is about 2 inches smaller than my natural huge waist measured over the corset.  When I take it off I measure and I maybe have lost an inch, maybe.  I was on a blog where people remain laced in for 23 hours a day but I can’t do that because it would weaken my abdominal muscles and then I’d have to wear a corset all the time. Does anyone know where Neverending1 is?  She has not posted in over a month.  I figured she would find a way to post every once in awhile even if she had to rent a computer.  Even if she had to make a computer of wood sticks and glue… Oh how I wish I never deleted my old (good) blog!  It had the better posts. I have not really felt like posting feeling that I will be punished for posting on ti issues.  I have been a ti 27 years and it’s worse every year.  In the early days (2005) of my computer experience I had hope but have little now. It’s no fun having a blog where I can’t share the details of my current life and have to hide everything.

*Note 4/28/15…this year I have had to replace the computer, 2 computer mice, my vacuum, my coffeemaker, hairdryer and my phone.  They are going nut\s!