Not doing so well.

I”m not doing so well.  I’m surrounded by bullies and perps and denied my only friend besides my cat.  I am afraid to exercise because I’m afraid of being jumped.  I’m stuffing my anger and anxiety down with lots of food and am blowing up.  This place is so evil.  Every apt. I would get would be perp city.  I wish I could hide in the woods in a cabin that would not be very easily accessible.  I would need a 4 wheel drive for that, though.

I just can’t stop eating.  I’m sleeping like 10-11 hours a day.  This has to end.  I still feel as if the evil ones are racing me to my birthday so I won’t make it.

The You Tube poster Polly feels a lot like I do most of the time.  Unloved, unwanted, ignored except for abuse…just a nothing.  Sometimes I really am sorry I took benefits.  Too bad the greedmeisters in this country did not see fit to provide all jobs with health benefits.  I got lots of on the job harassment–even at volunteer jobs–but it gave life a little meaning.