Lately, I have been tapering off benzodiazepines and it has been hard.  I feel anxious and the perps up their sh*t when I cut down another level.  I had to go back up a level because I was not sleeping and feel bad.  For several years, I had been using certain kinds of videos to relax and reduce the anxiety that has taken over my life.  I always had a propensity for it but when the sh*t started hitting the fan about 10 years ago, the anxiety got worse and worse.  I started to watch backrub and massage vids to relax and they worked.  I even sometimes fell asleep at the computer with them…once drooling on the keyboard!  I noticed a woman around named Lita that did her vids in a very relaxing voice:  sort of a whisper.  She was the first.  Later, all these vids came out with voices like that along with backrubs, tapping, crinkling, etc…It is called ASMR and from tiny beginnings about 5 years ago has become a huge fad.  I was a regular watcher of these videos until yesterday when one of the “ASMRtists” I watch I noticed was using a hooked finger devil ceramic coat hook as part of her video.  I also noticed a video called “relax with satan”.  Turns out, this little way to relax is an evil way to put demons into people, including the awful Kundilini one that can take over your life.  I’d had that one cast out before, and sort of felt myself rocking back and forth like a snake again..they got me!

These vids are a deception.  Please watch this person’s video,


and see how the Adversary is sneaking this into people’s lives.  As if the services where people barking like dogs wasn’t bad enough…hint, the “tingles” are DEMONS!  I was taken, don’t you get taken.  This is not a backrub from your mother or grandmother!  These people have an agenda.

P.S.  There is another “soothing” pastime that is being marketed out there…coloring books for adults!  i was thinking of buying one or two until I saw a video with a woman coloring in it and deciding to show the viewers the “end” of the book.  The object is to color the book and use clues to get inside the “castle”.  I thought that it would be the King and Queen, or a princess, or a banquet, it wasn’t.  The coloring books are another satanic trap.  They had some kind of folders adults could color back in the 1980s but they were crude compared to these books.  My former “friend” showed me some “coloring” she did in the hospital.  Very beautiful intricate floral design…it was lovely, but deadly, I guess.  The “coloring” books use the ASMR sound of pencils/pens scratching the paper to “soothe” you by the way.

The author of the coloring videos is about 40, living at home, and all she does is color.  She has 100s of stuffed animals and depends on “Mom” to run her life.  So screwed up.

On another note, the things forbidden for Christians to do are long.  You are not supposed to watch television, or read nonChristian novels, or play video games, etc…etc…etc. For someone who is alone this is hard not to do.  Some people like reading theology all the time or studying the Bible hours a day or going on Christian chat rooms, but, it didn’t work out for me on the Christian net, either.  You have to find a way to keep busy.