This was the reason I went on benefits…I was a precariat, or a desperate economically insecure person underemployed in an unfair job market.  I had been fired 30 times or more by age 33.  I only had one “real” job with benefits in my life and it lasted less than 2 years!.  If you do not know someone who can get you hired, or come from a rich family, or are connected to perps, you will work at nothing jobs forever.  I managed to scrape by in my 20s but you can’t go w/o health insurance forever.  My health was already worsening in my early 30s.

The reason America was great years ago was the “great American job” that put many people in the middle class and also inexpensive schooling.  When I graduated from college the biggest American employer was Manpower, a temp agency, what a joke!

Precariat….combination of two words first coined in the Reagan 1980s combining the words precarious and proletariat.