20 minutes



Twenty minutes is a long time if your well is dry or what you really want to talk about you can’t.  Had a horrible day.  Cried for hours.  Been having a spiritual crisis for 4 years amongst other problems that have lasted longer.  It was a warm sunny day but I could not enjoy it.  That was one minute.  I finally found a way to post this badge–in this post!!! Two minutes.

I would never want to be a “saint” that is, recognized by an elitist organization that ignored the Jews in WWII.  I’m Protestant and every believer is a “saint” if they have accepted Christ.  If they never accepted Christ, then they are not a “saint” but one of the “lost”.  People differ on whether they think you can lose your Salvation.  There are as many opinions as belly buttons.  Some days I wish I had never discovered Christianity.

I found a writer on the Net who was beset by trials and when he went to God God responded by saying he should be THANKFUL for his trials and to “tell Satan that he, the believer, was grateful for his trials.  God also told him He still gives “mini and maxi” Job trials today.  So what is “maxi”?  Is that a lifetime.  Job’s trials were for 7 years.  David’s trials were on and off for his whole life but he had perks too.

I watched a video of this net guy and he frowned and looked bitter.  He has not accepted his “trials” as well as he said on his text web page.  He said there he was rejoicing in his trials.  On the video he had to hold in a sneer when he said “God”.  At least it looked like that to me.  Eight minutes.

I have not felt well for at least a month.  At first it was weakness and then I got actually sick.  The sickness is into its second week.  I hope I don’t have a dread disease.  I have been neglecting a certain test for years.  The first time I did it years ago I was so traumatized at the test and later needle aspiration that I had sort of a panic attack that lasted hours and then I got SICK.  That time I got well.  Will I this time?  Eleven minutes.

I have no good clothes for Summer.  Everything is too “revealing”.  I sort of wanted to be modest and to try it but its hard if you don’t want to die of heat in Summer w/o a/c.  Fans only go so far.  I had LIttle House fantasies of wearing “prairie dresses” but those pretty dresses look better on pretty people.  There are more modern long skirts but they cost money.  I am on a fixed income (another name for always broke) so I’d have to give something up for a month to buy “proper” clothes.

I’ve been putting jackets and other tops over the worst offenders.  Fifteen minutes.

Did you know the World’s Worst Tornado lasted for hours, and travelled 350 miles?  It killed over 600 people and flattened many towns.  It was in 1925.  It was called the Tri-State Tornado.  It had a double funnel at times and travelled forward at over 60 mph so people did not have time to find safety.  It was over 1.3 miles at its widest.  Tornadoes aren’t fun anymore to me.  Only if they are little and travel over open country.  There was also a terrible Tornado in 1840 but there aren’t many statistics on it.  Time’s up!