Techno Crime Fighters Forum

Last week, I didn’t watch the show.  I’m sort of losing interest since Paul Marko died of a mysterious?! illness.  I thought the affidavits would be available now.  They might be, but I didn’t listen to the show.  I decided to read the posted comments to see generally what happened, but, it looks like one of my PERPS has followed me there.  Someone who posted lots of comments.  The he/she made a totally offhand comment before commenting on gangstalking that applied to MY LIFE.  I think this troll wanted an angry response from it.  Even responding here sort of makes it dangerous but I don’t hide my identity.  There was also another gasbag who left a million comments all by themselves.  They always come off looking like agents.  Seeing that comment by the first mentioned troll makes me feel unsafe at the forum.  I can’t imagine what this little troll posted during the live chat.  I checked his channel.  Empty bag but one vid that played some garbage like, “is she really smart or is she just a slut that wants to be b*nged against the wall?”  Felt perped by that, too.  There are also other “people” that show up there that seem perpy too and their comments make no sense. Maybe I should get up early to see if I get perped in live chat, or,just forget about the show.

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