All For Nothing

Earlier, I posted my “friend” of many years had started accusing me of things and even went to the police.  I had assumed Her Highness was doing this because she was to receive some money and had a new friend and wanted to live it up and have fun.  Turns out, she did all this for nothing.  People around me INSIST she “made up” the accusations to get away from me and that there was no one who slandered me to her.  I’m not sure it that’s true or not.  I think there was a conspiracy of slander to get her away from me so I would be alone and very vulnerable to the perps.  I think she realized it was fake before long.  This slander started two years ago after she stayed in yet another looney bin and then later I had my manager stand in my door two hours trying to get my “friend” to go home:  even trying to make a “deal” with her!  After I got rid of the manager and the bitch went upstairs, my “friend” started to accuse me of terrible slanders a month or two later.  I had no idea where they came from except she went inside my perp “neighbor’s” apartment and probably got told the slander there.

After praying and praising God for months He “let” her come back into my life for a few months before she started up again with the same old slander.  All this time treating me like shit and ordering me around like a slave.

Her mother died then, and she went into a downward spiral until she landed a nearly two month stay in another looney bin (a very long time nowadays).  I found out she had inherited a bundle and assumed she wanted me out of her life because maybe she wanted more “classy” friends, or, that she was having such a good time with her “new” friend of the previous Fall along with the money that she did not need me to be around as her personal gopher anymore.

Someone I know says none of this is true.  He says that she knows that the slander is a lie and that she made it up herself, and that the only reason was that she was worried she’d get kicked out of her tiny Section 8 apartment because she has temper tantrums while I’m there because I don’t just snap to when she orders me around.  He also said she has not seen one penny of the money and that her new “friend” is long gone.  Also, someone else is trying to get his hands on her money. So, she has just been sitting alone in her apt all this time with NOTHING to show for it.  Does she really think the management would kick her out?  They threatened to earlier this year and changed their mind. She gets to screaming and having cops, etc called on her when I’m not there.  I was not there when she got sent to the last looney bin for threatening someone (AGAIN) over the phone when I was NOT THERE.

So here she is, alone, sick, and on forced antipsychotic drugs (now she needs them.  I warned her she’d need them) and has nothing besides the TV to keep her company.  She got nothing out of all her cruelty to me but a bed.  You’d think with a million she could buy a small house or a condo and live off the interest and be free of the government system.  She’d rather take your taxes, folks.  She just lusts after those food stamps and government provided “maids”.  Not to mention sponging off a local church for food every week.  Welfare queen.

I’d get a cabin way out of town and be outta here.  The only problem I’d foresee is getting health insurance that would not penalize for “prior disorders”.  Private health insurance companies love to scam their clients.

I’m guessing she made a “deal” to stay away from me to her corrupt hateful manager.  She ran off the only real friend she had for a cot.  She is happy as a slave

PS  Years ago I was “catfished” by a person, not the person above.  I did not know that “catfishing” meant to deceive.  I think every “friend” I have ever had was “catfishing” for the enemy.  I wondered why this person would call herself a “catfish”…sounded so ugly–a catfish is a fish with whiskers and does not even have scales.  She sought me out, chewed me up, spat me out, then turned everyone else against me….pretended to be a ti only to sink her fangs in me.  I just came across this term and thought it had a familiar ring.  Usually catfishing involves romance and setting up a fake romantic encounter on facebook or another Internet site.  I guess it could be used to snare a “friend” as well.  I knew a woman who was “catfished” online by a man who promised to deliver her out of her poverty lifestyle.  He even sent her money.  He sent her a picture of “himself back in his modeling days” that she showed me and my friend.  I saw the picture months later in an AD in a Dr’s waiting room.  A recent ad.  I told her about it and she did not believe me.  The man who was supposed to swoop her off her feet never showed up.

Has Anyone Heard This Mp3?

There was supposed to be an Mp3 dated March of this year by Deborah Tavares concerning the disappearance of ti’s and I can’t find it anywhere online to access it.  It was supposed to be on the Common Sense Show by David Hodges.  I saw several links to the show when I Googled it but it seems to have gone.  Was Deborah Tavares threatened to take it down?  I really wanted to hear it.  I am a ti that is down to nearly zero people and could be “disappeared” as well.  I saw a threatening skit this morning with a woman pretending to have her hands cuffed behind her back doing a slow kind of funeral march down the street.  There was a lot of the perp shit horse and pony show outside today as well.  Was today supposed to be the Jade Helm exercise? You can see posts of my old blog at Wayback Machine.  It is Downcastmysoul.  I should never have removed it but I was (supposedly) hooking back up with my “friend” at that time and did not want her to see the few posts I wrote about her.  The “friendship” that ensued was a sham and ended very bitterly with her accusing me with horrible things.  Probably paid or threatened. She is NOT living her best life now…back on the forced meds, physically ill, and still living in her poor ass low income apartments despite her recent inheritance.  The Hater Hell Apartments. I went back to the old posts and read she was doing the nose swiping as early as 2010 or so.  What I put up with to have someone in my life so I would not be disappeared.

PS Deborah Tavares has put up a new You Tube channel but the audio of disappearing ti’s is not on it.  Where did it go?

A Cure for Gangstalking? Simon Moore has it.

I found this channel on Lissa’s Humane Life, a large ti blog.  It gave me great comfort that this man, an ordinary man with no great learning or gifts, was given the gift of Jesus and had his infirmity (gangstalking) removed!!!  I was really excited and watched all his videos on gangstalking and knew he was right. I have gone the Spiritual Warfare route to stop the stalkers since the mid 1990s–even before i heard of gangstalking!  I knew what was happening to me was wrong and very weird, and when the wife of our Sunday School teacher brought a Rebecca Brown book, He Came to Set the Captives Free, to us one Sunday, I went out and bought the book and tried the things Rebecca Brown suggested.  The things I did seemed to have an effect on the stalkers, albeit a minimal one.  Later, I went to the site Demonbusters for self help in the late 1990s–through about 2001 or so.  I said the prayers and looked up tons of Bible verses but found the effect on the stalkers minimal but present. I once said the Daily Prayers on that site and it made the Enemy mad and I got “punished”. When I hooked up with other ti’s in 2005 on Yahoo boards, another ti said that Demonbusters was a bunk site, but, a deliverance minister I later heard said Demonbusters were great and that they were Internet pioneers in Spiritual Warfare.  I did not really “do” any more Spiritual Warfare until 2010 when I underwent a spiritual crisis that still continues.  I went onto the Internet deliverance shows such as Omega Man where they would do individual call-in and mass deliverance (a deliverance session for everyone listening). I would show up every evening for the 3-hour show and even sometimes go to his after-show.  There were other deliverance/end times shows I listened to, usually under the moniker “guest” because I was afraid of signing in and being perped. I even covered my hair for 1 to 2 years because it was recommended women cover their hair if they were to be in prayer during the day.  I walked around with a rag on my head because I heard it afforded greater protection.  That was until I saw how much older it made me look. The shows recommended Win Worley and Derrick Prince, both powerful deliverance preachers of the 20th century.  I also listened to Marcus Haggard, an anointed deliverance minister who was also a veterinarian. He fasted 40 days once.  He worked so hard on deliverance he died in his early 50s.  His son was the shameful Pastor Ted Haggard from Colorado Springs.  Too bad people forget his father, who should be remembered. Back to Simon Moore.  He says he is perp free for almost a year now.  I believe him.  He says he sees them hanging around but they do not bother him or mess up his life at all.  The only time the perps came back is when he backslid and went back to drinking for a whole week! I backslid for 7 years.  He is on the straight and narrow and has even lost weight. The only problem I have with his approach is that he says the perps are unconscious of their evil.  I think they do know what they are doing at first, but do not really know what they are getting into, and do not realize how demonized they become as they continue on as a perp.  They probably do it for money at the start.  I’ve heard a homeless man say they got 50 bucks a day to “do it” and that’s a lot if you have no bills.  I heard a perp say he was getting 1000 bucks to camp behind the dumpster across the street.  Until the cops hauled him off. Another ti said that perp “bosses” got 40k a year, not too bad.  Others get paid in the form of favors and services.

That was on Eleanor White’s site. The idea of payment in kind.  My next door neighbors got paid in kind for “services” way back in 2005 or so. I do not know why God did not rid me of perps when I went the Bible reading/prayer/Spiritual Warfare route.  I guess God treats everyone differently. The power of this great evil of gangstalking/mind control/hive mind is so great that only God can help its victims.  Why do some of us targets who follow God still get perps decades later and this little upstart got rid of his in what? 30 days? 60 days?  I’ve done looong Bible studies, spent hours online at deliverance shows, gone on fasts, etc…yet it was a perp shit show this morning.  I once went on a fast a whole week (liquid fast) and all I could come up with is that I thought Hell was cruel.

They won’t even leave me alone for a few minutes.  Inside or outside.  They constantly threaten to block me off so I can’t leave my apartment all day long…do this, and we’ll trap you, do that and we’ll trap you…etc.  I did not know I was a ti until 17 years after it started.  I could not conceive of such evil.  I thought it was a local thing and it would go away if I left this city which I call “the prison”.

PS:  Mr. Moore has not posted lately.  He also said perps can be redeemed by repenting.  I’m not sure.  Guess it Depends if they sign their lives away to the devil in order to get paid for not working.  I wish he would post again.

P.P.S  He has posted two new vids lately and one of those horrific evil “Hell testimonies” where Jesus sends someone to Hell and the person finds Hell full of Christians.  Maybe I should have just remained a Jew.  He promised to post a new vid everyday but nothing new has come up.  He says it takes 12 hours to upload a new vid, is that true???

If this drags on long enough some ti’s get cynical towards God and then finally hate Him.