Equality My Ass!

I don’t watch TV but…this story is all over…

Just this week I have heard how celeb chef Paula Deen’s life is getting destroyed because she allegedly said N*gg* 30 years ago in PRIVATE.  Every one of her endorsements have stopped.  It’s almost like she’s become…targetted.  If everyone who has uttered a racial epithet in the US was rounded up no one would be left.  The first thing I thought when I heard of this was that why should I feel so sorry for a rich star and she had better have some money set aside because she may never rise again.  If she becomes a target even her family will leave her and she may end up in the alley going thru the trash or on some back ward of a mental hospital.

Some bitter old bitch who used to work for one of her restaurants has come forth to destroy this chef because Deen’s brother used to SEXUALLY HARASS her and used porn at the job.  I was sexually harassed at a food service job, but I was SCARED to report the perpetrator.  I caught my English teacher with porn at his desk at my Middle School.  Maybe he’s my original perp…LOL

The sly little snake decided to play the race card even though she was white and got other people who have worked for Deen to gang up on her and relay awwwfuuul things about her.  OK the idea of a Plantation themed party with only Black employees was weird, but, COME ON, the whole world is jumping on this Deen’s who is already 66, and can’t handle the stress, ass.

I remember hearing racial epithets even at the dinner table in my family home.  My father never used them at work since he dealt with all kinds of people but in PRIVATE, our homes were our castles and NO ONE was to judge us there.  We were secure in our property and papers and no one bugged the phones or opened the mail.

So let me get this right:  this woman who has spent her life working for a fortune (who knows maybe she’s a rotten bitch and a perp) has her entire life destroyed because she used the N word 30 years ago????  30 years ago you still heard it, from WHITES.  Usually in private but it occurred.  What I find scary is how everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon to get her!  It’s the mob mentality in the country.  How easy it is to target a poor little ti without money and lawyers!  This woman is worth what? a billion?  and she cannot defend herself from political correctness and liberal disease.  Having Obama in office and this stuff now makes me want to be a Republican, something I swore in my teens that I’d never do.

Even Al Sharpton is saying to back off.

I remember when I was kid that Blacks and others sought equality in this country, the “freest” and the “richest” on Earth.  It wasn’t enough.  Now they want to pummel and stomp on whites.  Reality check:  I would bet you money some rich old mucky muck had it in for Deen and the disgruntled employee, the dumb lawyer, and all the rest were put into place even before anyone heard of it.

Lately, since Obummer has been in office, my faith has been attacked by perps armed with V2k and pretending to be “God”, and now they are waging a campaign against me that I’m racist to totally destroy any sympathy I would get from anyone.

Could I have the jobs of those nasty little black women librarians who got into a room by mine at the library and said my name and “CHRIST KILLER”?  Boy was that RACIST.  How about the young black man I worked with who did a fake grind into my ass and called me a cracker while another employee watched on and laughed?  He didn’t get into trouble for that.

The real message is this: IMHO.  She is being made an example of.  If you say or think something off the mainstream you will be TAKEN DOWN.  Deen has committed THOUGHT CRIME.

Oh well, the race card worked at FIRST for OJ then it all caught up to him.  He got caught doing something else but is serving time nonetheless.

Witch hunts like this go on in PRIVATE every day all year long for decades with thousands if not millions of victims of all colors who become ti’s.  Even Deen has this over ti’s:  she KNOWS why she is getting dumped on.

Let the one without sin cast the first stone…what an ugly country.

Plane Train or Automobile?


You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, or car? (Or something else entirely — bike? Hot air balloon?)

I want to get my time machine out and go back into the 20s, 30s, or 40s.  I want to go with someone and ride the rails all over.  I want to eat in restaurants that have complete meals for a quarter.  I want to camp wherever I want and pay no fee.  I want to see no cameras or perps.  I want to enjoy nature.  I want to end up at the Pacific Ocean where I will take off my shoes and dance in the surf.  I want to play the harmonica.  I want to accompany myself on the guitar and sing songs of the rails.

Old Prompt: Misfit

We all have something we’d like to write about, but that doesn’t really “fit” our blog. Write it anyway.

I want to write a fashion or food blog– but a funny one that criticizes food or fashion.  My first favorite Blog was James Lilek’s who spoofed foods and fashions of the past.  It left me peeing my pants.  The original posts of the Food section of the Institute of Official Cheer  had me laughing so hard I created a distraction in the library. Maybe I should post a few pix of fashions and pick them apart.  My second favorite Blog was I Can Haz Cheezeburger which has (along with lots of other things now) a photo of a cat or other creature and a hilarious caption usually done in “cat language”.  That was so funny.  I also  liked the one they did on dogs, and I liked the equally funny but cruel “People of Wal-Mart” that criticized and ridiculed people who failed to dress appropriately before going to le Wal-Mart.  Although I should shun anything that picks fun at people, I found these spoofing Blogs very funny and they killed lots of empty hours.

One of my favorite individual posts was this man from England who attempted to eat Cat and Dog Food.  I like stupid funny stuff like that.  This kind of fodder does not feed the brain of make one more intelligent but WHO CARES?


Where do your morals come from — your family? Your faith? Your philosophical worldview? How do you deal with those who don’t share them, or derive them from a different source?

Hmm take one King James Bible, mix in some J Vernon McGee, some Ayn Rand and Laura Ingalls Wilder, shake on some of Mother and Grandma and add in Orwell carefully, maybe you get my “morals” maybe not.

Don’t forget to add a childhood of being around the Jewish elderly.

Kindness it is high priced around here

Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

Lately, kindness has been a hard commodity to come by.  Occasionally I get it.  Someone helped me out the other night buying cat supplies and giving me a few bucks.  He didn’t have to.  It would have been in a hard spot if he hadn’t.

My landlady was kind after my operation bringing me supplies I could not get on foot.  I could not stand, sit, nor lie down for any length of time.  She also let me pay back a loan slowly as I was slowed down for a month or so.

One of the kitties I know is kind to me.  He shows acts of love all day around me.  I wish I could turn him into a human he’s so nice to me.

Once, a grocery store manager (years ago) let me write a post dated check for groceries when I was out of food and pay day was 4 days away.

Too bad the kindness that does happen is swallowed up in the perp hate all around me.

God has been kind and patient with me. 

Goodbye Fatso

Write a letter to the personality trait you like least, convincing it to shape up or ship out. Be as threatening, theatrical, or thoroughly charming as is necessary to get the job done.

Oh look Gluttony, your Title is the color of a Purple Jordan Almond!

I am getting to the end of  my rope with you Gluttony.  You are a part of my life I no longer need.  You are slowing me down and making me even more ridiculous to the perps.  I can’t fit into my clothes.  You and Mr. Medication are a terrible twosome.  I need you to leave so I can become healthy and strong because the perps want to weaken me to the point I cannot resist.

You are always around all the time telling me I need more than I actually do for a meal, a snack, anything.  You are always pointing out this food and that food and how good it will be.  I’ve been there and done that.  I have eaten my way around this city for a long long time now.  I need to eat to live and not live to eat.  I need more meaning in my life.  The perps make it hard.

Gluttony you are a letdown.  I build up the the joys you will bring me when I eat a huge meal but I end up feeling bloated fat and alone.  The power is in the leadup to the event.  The high is not even there anymore.  Even fine food establishments are perp palaces now. Ever so rarely,  I go on the anticipation of great food and a sensory experience and get the nasty same old same old perping from the staff.  Might as well have made a run for the Bell and saved 50 bucks.  Of course when I’m sitting in that chair in that restaurant it’s too late to run out.

Mr. Medication, you also promise a lot and deliver little.  You are Mr. Gluttony’s helper.  You take the edge off things and as a side effect amp up my already huge appetite.  Sometimes you bloat me up with water and sometimes it’s plain old fat…whatever the case may be, you “meds” make me so ugly.  Your help is a tottering reed but I find little else when all goes wrong.  Brief relief from anguish but then the symptoms return as always a few hours later.  Plus, now I’m addicted to you so I have now a third problem: drug addiction.  Withdrawal from any “med” is hell and the shrinks love to play it down.  They are dealing out the pills like the pretty colored candy that is sitting by me now.

How do I get rid of you three?  Old Man Gluttony who never wants to leave, Mr. Medication who thinks he’s here to stay and Young Man Addiction who’d reallly like to mess it all up.  If I could, I would go off all of you pills and withdraw in an isolated safe place in nature.  I would take things out of my diet that are not needed like pastry and candy and extra extra bread.  I would learn how the skinny people eat.  I would follow and be a good pupil.

The three of you will drag me down to the grave decades before my time in bad health.  You three need your pink slips not another cupcake with pink icing topped off with a couple of pink pills swallowed down with coffee laced with sweetened cream to add that extra calorie kick.

What I’m Reading

Tell us about the last book you read (Why did you choose it? Would you recommend it?). To go further, write a post based on its subject matter.

I read A Matter of Trust by Lis Weihl et al.  She is a Christian Detective author and a Conservative commentator.  I chose this book because I have read other books of hers that were suspenseful and modern yet were considered Christian novels. They were mostly the Triple Threat Books.  I made a vow to God (another darn vow I don’t want to keep.  I have to stop.)  to read Christian novels only after running into some very traumatic subject matter and almost pornographic sex when reading books for the “regular” market.  I forget the classics, however, that provide quality entertainment without all the sex and other grossness I found in “regular” market books.  There are some classics I now want to read that are appropriate for a ti to read to learn about oppression but I’m afraid I will break my vow to God.

I would recommend this book.  It’s about a woman, Mia, returning to the prosecutor’s office after a long leave of absence after the death of her husband and all the bills he leaves behind.  Right away, she is faced with 2 cases to solve, one of them the murder of her close friend who died while she was on the phone with her.  The other case is a case of bullying that leads to suicide and how she and her partner, Charlie, a cop, find a way to find and charge the individuals responsible for it.

The book takes unexpected turns which I like in a detective novel.  I can’t stand it when the killer is revealed 100 pages before the end.  I want to put the book down then.

There are about four topics discussed in the book.  One, how over prosecuting and wrong convictions result in tragedy.  Two, how cruel the world of high school is and the extent some of them will go to persecute those they find not acceptable to their culture.  Three, while some cases are over prosecuted, some are under prosecuted and people are gotten off thru bribes and other more lurid things.  Four, it’s about Mia becoming a single mom of two kids with problems. It’s a lot for one book.

Ms. Wiehl has also a series of books dealing with what seems the rise of the Antichrist  in a rich area north of New York City.  I can’t remember if I’ve read one or two of the books in the series.  It’s a  weird tale that involves psych drugs in creating mutant humans who are willing to do evil.  It’s great.

Were You Ever a People Pleaser?

Before I was an aware ti I was a “people pleaser” and even now that I know my life is over I still try and “people please” on the off-chance I may impress someone enough to not join the perps against me.

A long time ago, I was always looking for ways for people to “like” me or a place where I could “find my niche” and be accepted. Nothing ever worked for long, but I kept trying…like that mythological creature trying to roll that rock up the hill. It came in spurts. Sometimes I’d leave off and just be obnoxious and live in my fantasy world. Sometimes I’d let my grooming go because it didn’t really matter. I got into a way of dressing down early in life that I’ve never felt I had to overcome since the jobs, the careers, the Husband never came. I was most “dressed” in the 1980s right out of adolescence and before the targetting began. I sort of gave up entirely for a while. Before the shit started in earnest I bought and wore slacks and skirts and clamdiggers and even occasional shorts. I owned real shirts that buttoned, not only t-shirts. I had colorful earrings. I now own 2 shirts that button. One is 12 years old. I wore it to attend a Catholic service to celebrate Pope John Paul II’s life 8 years ago. It was already out of style. I used to like shoes and sandals in different colors and styles and now it’s boots all the time for support after the perps made me dizzy and I’ve had a few falls. I’ve truly forgotten how to walk in heels.

Here is my people pleasing timeline:

  • Age 5–I refuse to be in extra gifted class–I want to be like the other kids.  Fail.
  • Age 7–I get Mother to let me wear bangs like the other kids.  Fail.
  • Age 12-I fast with the other girls on Yom Kippur even though I will not be having a Bar Mitzvah.
  • Age 13-I have a near breakdown when I am refused a “perm” by hairdressers at the hairstyling school since my hair has damage.  I wanted to have curly sexy hair to fit in with the other girls.
  • Age 15-I get contact lenses to fit in.  Fail
  • Age 15-I try and talk like a “valley girl” to fit in.  Fail.  Girls still talk like that, even women.  It’s sooo OLD to talk like that.  Sometimes I wonder if everything creative and new ended up in the 1980s.  Fashion and Music seemed to end up in the 1980s and 1990s.  Creativity is dead since only dead people may apply to be in the entertainment business.  People who go along with the “program”.
  • Age 16-Got pierced ears to Fit In.  Got second holes, too.  I got a third hole much later but it closed up.  Only the first holes work, which is fine since I see women who still do the earrings all up the ear and want to gag.
  • Age 19-20–Hung out with much older people at a bar and got drunk to Fit In.  My friend that took me to the bar was a woman over a decade older than me and turned perp later on.
  • Age 19-21–Hung out at parties where weed was smoked and drinks were served to Fit In.  (the few that there were).
  • Age 19-26–Played the “nice girl” to my pen pals to Fit In.  Eventually Epic Failed.  Wow, all the trouble those little bitches went to to dig up shit on me…those girls were PERPS.
  • Age 25-30–just sort of gave up on life…went on a diet to Please People.  Varied Results.
  • Age 30-40–I was a New Christian and tried to be the “good girl” for real this time.  Failed time and again.  Tried to curry favor with people by cooking elaborate meals and treats.  The cooking bribery worked for AWHILE.
  • Age 40-45–Seeing an aging face I tried makeup every day  for the first time since the targetting began.  Had “success” picking up a police informant in the guise of a pitiful homeless man.  He rewarded me by breaking my computer and sending me into a deep depression.
  • Age 45 to now–Tried to become a “good” Christian again.  Trying to impress or at least mollify God.  I thought Jesus died once and for all for all believers.  I did not know it was a daily thing to show God you mean it.  It is not working that well despite the best effort I have ever put forth for anything in my life.

Well, pleasing God is one thing, but my people pleasing days are OVER.  OK, a few exceptions:  I find myself trying to please the Doctor that I’m trying to be healthy.  I find myself trying to please the Vet by appearing to be the Conscientious Cat Owner.  I still find myself trying to please my therapist by dressing a little better for sessions than I would dress ordinarily…maybe to convince her I’m sane and the stalking is real or that I’m not ready for the looney bin yet.

By the way, where is Neverending1?  Does anyone know?

Starting to Grow Up?

Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time.


I was 13 or had only turned 14 and in trouble and had been grounded for a long time for being a very bad teenager.  I did things that included promiscuity and lying and smoking.  My parents grounded me for about 6 months to a year from activities  like amusement parks and other fun stuff.  I can’t remember all that it included but it put a shadow over a year that was dark to begin with.  It did not end my teenage rebellion but that year on Yom Kippur, at the end of the service when the congregation stood for the second to last service, the Neilah, I, for the first time felt I was a sinner and needed a God to forgive me.

I talked about it with my father on the short walk back to my grandmother’s house and although he would not cancel the grounding he was glad to hear I was sorry for being bad.

There, that was the first time I believed in God.

One Law

You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?

To make it a felony with attached lengthy jail time to broadcast Voice to Skull and related transmissions into non consenting subjects.  This law would include transmissions by government, military, corporations, and private citizens and non citizens.  This law would also include transmissions by smart machines designed for the perpose of destroying lives and souls.  The Antichrist would pee his pants as this is one of his most important tools in the NWO arsenal.

The way the evil is to come is already here.  By conscripting people into a private army complete with hive mind in order to attack private citizens will set the foundation to develop a whole new evil race of psychopathic humans monsters that will easily accept the Antichrist and not resist him.