Cracking Down

After what seemed to be a slight reprieve of perp activity they are cracking down again and “forbidding” me to do things that were “allowed” before.  I can only think this is part of a punishment for trying to get off a psych drug I have gotten addicted to and if supplies were cut off I would be very sick at the dose I was taking.  I guess they wanted to control me with these pills.  At a lower dose I had to do without for a week and only had headaches but I built up tolerance to the drug and was taking a lot lot more and it seemed to do less.

I had a woman on the bus tell me in a cold voice I could not listen to the music I listen to and they are trying to forbid even more colors that I wear.  I think they want me to wear brown and gray all the time to look ugly.  I found a broken earbud on the ground and mine broke that night.

They also fried my computer when I was on an errand in August and I’ve already had problems with this new one.  My phone is acting funny and ringing a constant ring instead of one ring after another and my caller ID is having problems.  They also seem to not want me to read library books anymore or do anything but lie in bed.  I haven’t had it this bad since 2010.