New Video

Just watched a new video from a channel I was unfamiliar with:  pineconeutopia.  This was a good video where the guest finally says what I’ve been thinking all these years:  the gangstalkers, the power elite want to rob us of our wills and to do what they say so they might steal our souls.

There is some other stuff out there on You Tube about the new reality caused by CERN, the Mandela Effect, that has changed the Bible and other things and NOW people are believing in a FLAT EARTH.  God would not change His Word, nor is the Earth flat.

There is also a new leader in the ti movement by the name of Katherine Horton who is a physicist from England in case, like me, you live under a rock most of the time.

P.S.  The man who runs this channel frequently interviews a Dr. Karlstrom who seemed like a credible ti at first until I clicked his webpages and found out he was a rabid antisemite.  So…ti’s not being able to find the cause of their gangstalking nor any help are doing what people have done for ages…LETS BLAME THE JEWS.  The perps are laughing their asses off.