Hitler Sandals

Recently I went to a major retailer and decided to buy some sandals on clearance.  I saw them before and thought they cost too much.  Now they were 6 bucks as fall is coming.  They looked sooo cute!  Flip flops in an intricate crochet design.  When I got them “home”, I took off the tags and in the middle of each sandal was a crocheted “8”.  The two make “88” or HH or Heil Hitler.  I thought about trashing them.  If they had little swastikas I would have.

Then, I needed a new coffee mug.  There were some very cute ones that had various designs even some in beaten copper and silver design.  I was all for getting one until I saw the logo of the company:  3 hexagrams.  666.  They are putting it in our faces.

I also hate all the clothing and accessories with skulls on them making death seem cool.  Also, even decent seeming clothing is transparent or is cut way too low.  Then there are the pre-destroyed jeans at huge prices….LOLOLOLOL  Suckas.  Jeans make their own holes as they wear out.

Should I trash my “Hitler” sandals?