This tried to post to another site…again. Adult Autistitics

I think autistics are considered a threat to society because they we? think differently.  I’ve received a bunch of bogus dx’s but I’m sure I”m Autistic or Asperger’s.  I had a sort of normal outside, was good in school, had horrible social skills, and always had to be obesessed with something. I also was somewhat plain in appearance after my teens/early 20s when the “boys” did not come to ask me to marry.  I think my mother knew I was Autistic but hid it from me, she kept saying how “beautiful” Autistic children were for some reason.  She let the Dr.’s diagnose me with all sorts of fake labels and after she died the labels became worse.

Adult Autism is ugly.  Unless you have a support system that works of course.  Another lonely Autistic is Melissa Fields.  She is a bit older than me, while Polly is a bit younger.  They have benefits, very limited social lives and suffer from bullying.  Melissa is worse off.  She lives in a house of her own but has gotten so fat she cannot drive even though she has a car.  She has been pleading for years on You Tube for help and has not got any.  Polly gets supportive messages, maybe because she is more physically attractive, but, Melissa has turned her comments off.

Both women have bad to no relations with their families.  Family that was around when they were young have shut them out.

I have the same problem.

Both have slowed/quit posting after years of very sad videos.  I cheated and “looked ahead” to Melissa’s last vid where everything looks the same except she has a new couch, haircolor, and more pounds.  At least both have friends online.  I met a fellow “ti” that ruined my reputation online so even the comfort of other ti’s has been denied me.  The one ti I talked to recently, Neverending1, (not the slanderer), has disappeared.

I used to post back and forth on message boards until I was bullied or ignored.  I used to have a few “regulars” on the old blog but they did not come back.  My former friend here is not coming back, I believe.  It’s all over but the screaming.  Even my relationship with God is shot.

Look at the many vids of these two women (there are other people as well) and see how it is to be targeted without knowing it.  Not that knowing it made it any better–it just avoided a lockup and forced drugs, so far.

PS Another vlogger named “Boogie” seems to have gone a few months ago as well.  I followed him for a few months years ago.  Are people disappearing?  Just giving up?