3 Gone

Three sites I follow online are suddenly gone.  One is NE1 another is a blog about eating disorders and another is a pastor that put his sermons up….poof!  All gone. Police are hanging around again looking to put me into trouble.  My former “friend” is also gone, too. She never talked to me more than half the year anyway.  Selfish old bitch. The demons who run these perp operations put all kinds of evil thoughts in her head about me.  They put evil things in my neighbor’s heads and everyone I see on the street.  Total Orwellian hell.  No hope.  Even God is on vacation it seems.

PS….Well the Pastor is keeping his old sermons up but nothing new since mid October when my newest troubles were beginning.  I can’t go to church because I just get perped.  I ain’t “Going to Perp” to tithe my money and waste time getting dressed up to get harassed.  I”m thinking Burger King or McDonald’s or Wendy’s can have a kid’s coloring sheet a.k.a. “Where’s Waldo”? with the Pastor to find.  Where’s the Pastor?  I’ll have his bald old head poppin up all over the page and hapless kids and adults looking for him including Shelock Holmes and Matlock, etc….

PPS…reading another ti’s blog (Uncontrolled Opposition) and the “Where’s Waldo?” comment is rude.  It refers to Catholics looking for nonconformist “Waldensians” who were started by Peter Waldo.  Did Burger King think they were cute when they made that little tray liner game?  “Waldo” was some kind of nerdy guy in the game.  Maybe the Pastor is being targetted and is not posting sermons for a reason.  I hope he’s OK.

End of Bible Study

estherI’m finally ending 2 1/2 year Bible Study I started after J Vernon McGee ended his last “Bible Bus”. I’m in the Book of Esther. The last book of the Old Testament. I finished the New Testament part of the Study months ago. The Bible is sort of lopsided, there being over twice as many Old Testament books and many more pages than the New Testament.

Anyway, the Book of Esther is one of my favorites since it is the story of a bully and how a nice peasant girl is risen up to be Queen via a contest of all things only to be given the responsibility to save her people (the Jews) when the bully decides to curry the King’s favor to get him to make an order to kill all Jews.

Esther fasts for three days then comes to the King (Xerxes) unbidden even though she might risk death doing so.  The King has mercy and lifts his scepter and she is able to make her request:  a banquet for the King and Haman (the bully) to attend.  At the first banquet she requests a second banquet and at the second banquet she spills the beans and tells the King that Haman is plotting against her people.  The King becomes enraged and hangs Haman (some people call him an early day Hitler) on the gallows he had made to hang Esther’s cousin, Mordecai.

After that, the King makes an edict that states that if anyone attacks Jews on the day that was set apart to do this (sometime in our February) the Jews could fight back.  God strengthened the Jews and many joined them and the day became a feast instead of a slaughter…a feast still celebrated today with food, drink and costume parties:  Purim, or the feast of the Pur, or lot, since Haman had cast lots to determine the “right” day to kill the Jews.

How does this apply to me?  To us?  The bullies are the perps and are headed by the elite “Haman” people.  The people prayed and fasted as one along with the Queen and God heard them.  The enemy, Haman, along with his TEN sons hung on gallows right in front of their house!  I pray often that the snare the enemy has set for me that he will fall into.  The Book is about that and also how God found it in His Mind to redeem His people even though they were captive in a strange land due to their sin.

The Hamans are all over and although we once thought we were citizens we are strangers in a strange land we find out with few if any rights.  May the Lord use the weapons and snares the perps determine against us against them.

The strange thing is, is this did not have to happen.  Saul was supposed to kill all the Amalekites but he failed to do that and this man was a descendent of this “devoted” tribe (devoted by God to be killed) and was hot for revenge against the Jews.  Some of us might be targets due to past mistakes which are now blown up out of proportion and added to to create a monster in the perps’ imaginations.  The perps want us to concentrate on the past and to feel like dog shit for it. Now is the time to put away the guilt of past mistakes and repent to God for them then pray for our deliverance from these modern day Hamans.

For myself, or You?

voice to skull meme-privilege regection british_prison_privileges Privileges The Privileges good dog!To what extent is your blog a place for your own self-expression and creativity vs. a site designed to attract readers? How do you balance that?

I think it’s both, I want to attract readers who haven’t heard of gangstalking and to not dismiss as crazy people who are complaining of getting followed and harassed and hearing voices in their head when they KNOW they are not schizophrenic.  Also, it’s a site for PERPS to see that this program is larger than their little piece they do to a target, that they get it all day and they are contributing to destroying a human being, an accessory to murder.  There are very few ex perps but I hear there are a few.

I also (egotistically?) like the world to know my views on things because I cannot communicate with people around here as I’m just “that” woman everyone hates and laughs at.  No one takes me seriously at all.  I’m this THING to leer and sneer at and call names to.

I also want to leave a piece of myself behind as the perps are erasing me from the Earth and have got even my family to have nothing to do with me. No one knows I exist but the perps who use me as a toy now.  A toy they have to feed, pay rent for, and medical care for.  I heard a theory that ti’s exist to show the world that mind control DOESN’T EXIST!  They make us act and say crazy things and only really harass and hurt a few so we become the loonies with the “tinfoil hats”.  Everyone gets mind controlled but the power elite do not want you to think that.  You are “free”, you have “freedom”.  Bullshit.  You have as much “freedom” as they LET you have.  Get to the end of your chain and you will see how “free” you are.  You have privileges.  You are a good dog or a bad dog or one of the elite.

I remember “privileges”.  They gave those out at that hospital.  If you were “good” you could have their nasty coffee, smoke your cigarettes, and if you had off ward PRIVILEGES you could eat in the communal dining room OFF WARD once a day plus outings once a week or so and walks with your therapist to 7-11 or the little store on site.  WITHOUT privileges you sat on the ward.  People today “get” what “they” want you to have.  They determine if you get to drive, own a home, marry, or even work.  Don’t think so?  Try being a ti.  Everything is removed over time.  In the beginning, I had a car to drive, I worked, and even dated a few losers…no marriage proposals though.  My family still talked to me but it got less and less.  My privileges diminished the longer I remained a target.  I get very suspicious of a target whose PRIVILEGES ARE INCREASED.  I wonder if  they went over to the other side.  I guess a few get very blessed by God.

After a very sincere prayer, I heard in my head today that I MUST give up the computer or God would not save me! I ALMOST fell for that one. It was such a SWEET SWEET voice that said it, almost angelic…but I was not fooled. The perps want me totally isolated from reality so I can be completely their toy. They have taken everything from me and now I do not even work and not being on the computer would leave me with nothing to do all day.  It eventually started calling me a “stupid bitch” so it was a perp on a computer aping a voice to fool me.

If I go to work, I lose my health insurance. I COULD get a copy of my Bible Study I’m using hard copy, but I only found that out on the COMPUTER. You need a computer to listen to music now. The radio is torture. Even Christian stations are mostly ads and contests.

If that truly was the voice of “God”, then I will go to Hell. I doubt it.  The first voice sounded a bit different.  They have fooled me before though.  They have all the time and money in the world until the world ends.