Green Eyed in my Sister’s Closet

It’s been a long time since I posted a daily prompt.  Hmmmm.  Stylish.

What is style today?  Getting away with showing as much skin as possible without getting arrested or fired?  There seems to be no overwhelming trends like back in the 1980s when “preppie” was in or the 1990s “grunge” was in.  Today’s clothes look like disco on steroids.  Of course, there’s the gentrified skinny uniform of yoga pants and a racerback top.

I would make flaccid attempts to be “in style” when I was younger.  I owned an “alligator” shirt, a “polo” shirt and a “guess?” jacket along with button-up Levi’s.  I tried to like sweaters but they didn’t like me.  I washed my wool Fair Isle sweater and it came out as a child’s sweater.  Now that’s a craft called felting, where you shrink wool to make things.

I would spend an hour each day frying my hair with a curling iron to get it as big as possible.  I bleached it until it was straw.

I was never into real style like suits and dresses and European shoes.  Nylons strangled me and ran the first 5 minutes.  After about age 20 or so I just gave up and wore jeans and t-shirts every day without bothering with earrings, bracelets, or makeup.  With my thighs, I could not wear a skirt above the knee.  I stopped wearing shorts or going swimming after my weight reached a certain level.  I loved the return of bell bottoms about 10 years ago and wore them.

Today, with the body positivity movement, overweight people aren’t afraid of style.  It’s OK to look good at a plus size.  Back in the day, if you weighed more than 130 you were plus sized.  I love all the cute not-so-modest clothes my younger plus sized counterparts wear without fear.

The real style, however, was my sister.  She was tiny in high school and wore sizes I never even heard of like 0’s and 1’s.  She was usually casual, but, she went to proms and formals and had evening dresses.  My mother would buy them on sale at a local boutique.  After she left for college, I’d go into her room just to look at the formal dresses she left behind.  It was 80s bling glamour.  I was so jealous but dreamed about getting to wear a formal and attend a ball.

I wore a formal only once:  at her wedding.  I kept the dress until it faded.

I found my missing “guess?” sweatshirt in her room.  Everything was oversized in casual wear for awhile.

I think fashion and style, especially today, are a way of communication if you desire.  The combination of style, color, accessories and hair style along with makeup style speak volumes about you without saying a word.

You can create emotions such as joy, anger, fear, hate, etc…with clothes.  Sometimes only a pair of earrings or a scarf changes your whole look.  In the end, however, it’s what inside that counts.