d-Day II–diets I DIDN’T try.


stillmans many diets....
Fun reading this in the basement of rents home
the food is available at wal mart now.
h wood diet
toilet paper runs and infrastructure damage on the ORIGINAL diet which called for mounds of pineapple
fit for life
Looked fun but never tried
banana diet
bananas and milk all day long
roux en y
This could have been me
manbelly disappearing
belly starting to disappear after repeated wraps.

Here are some diets/gimmicks I have never tried.

  1. Stillman–even worse than Atkins or Scarsdale, it was before my time
  2. HOW diet program, reported to be strict
  3. Jenny Craig–the food costs make this the most expensive diet
  4. Hollywood Diet–the fruit one–a way to waste lots of toilet paper
  5. Fit for Life–I was interested but never did it
  6. banana diet–only bananas and milk
  7. Stomach Surgery–lap band or roux en y…got left by the dr before he did it.
  8. Blood Type Diet…instructions didn’t seem too clear for my blood type
  9. body wrapping..expensive and temporary
  10. raw diet…too hard
old school dexatrim
A slight giddy dizzy high feeling. No appetite suppression.


Here are some other things I tried that I forgot last post

  1. Dexatrim…grocery store diet aids before they took out the active ingrediet.  Did not work but made you a little hyper and nervous.  lost 4 pounds once?
  2. Dived back into my old diet pills leftover in 1993 and 1998.  Got sick in 1998 from them and could not stop throwing up.  Threw them away at last.
  3. Using 3 day fasts as weight control…only lost water.  Fasts aren’t for weight loss anyway

That’s all folks.  Dieting makes you fat.  Psych pills make you fatter.  Overeating never helps.