Finally Food

If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. (Bonus points if you give us a recipe!)

Finally something I could write about:

I love food, big surprise.

A perp had an idea, call the sandwich “I am the cheese” because the cheese stands alone. Stuff it, perp. I read the synopsis of the book, too. Very sad.

When I was a kid my 1st grade teacher took out a can of “teeny weenies” called vienna sausage.  I was so jealous.  I wanted a can of teenie weenies every day for lunch.  I guess there is a sandwich for that.  Once when I was a volunteer cook I made a dish with teenie weenies sticking out to show my ire…it was based on something that would appear on James Lilek’s site.  I actually served it.

eat it I made it for you
Here’s dinner you ingrates


A typical sandwich you could name after me is the quesa-whatever. Take a huge tortilla and put cheese and whatever else you have in the kitchen on it and melt. You could include cilantro, fried or raw onions, tomato, canned beans. leftover steak, chicken, etc.

Another sandwich could be the dcms2 War Sandwich. We are all in a War and this old sandwich is pretty sad. It was bread, mayo and raw onion due to meat shortages. They could fancy it up by grilling the onions and adding sundried tomato mayo and sweet potato fries along with a giant wartime Mountain Dew (with sugar) and a pint of whatever ice cream you choose.

If it was a deli, hmmmm. It would be on black rye. Swiss, avocado and egg on black rye with sweet potato fries and a waiter with a bad attitude.