Has Anyone Heard This Mp3?

There was supposed to be an Mp3 dated March of this year by Deborah Tavares concerning the disappearance of ti’s and I can’t find it anywhere online to access it.  It was supposed to be on the Common Sense Show by David Hodges.  I saw several links to the show when I Googled it but it seems to have gone.  Was Deborah Tavares threatened to take it down?  I really wanted to hear it.  I am a ti that is down to nearly zero people and could be “disappeared” as well.  I saw a threatening skit this morning with a woman pretending to have her hands cuffed behind her back doing a slow kind of funeral march down the street.  There was a lot of the perp shit horse and pony show outside today as well.  Was today supposed to be the Jade Helm exercise? You can see posts of my old blog at Wayback Machine.  It is Downcastmysoul.  I should never have removed it but I was (supposedly) hooking back up with my “friend” at that time and did not want her to see the few posts I wrote about her.  The “friendship” that ensued was a sham and ended very bitterly with her accusing me with horrible things.  Probably paid or threatened. She is NOT living her best life now…back on the forced meds, physically ill, and still living in her poor ass low income apartments despite her recent inheritance.  The Hater Hell Apartments. I went back to the old posts and read she was doing the nose swiping as early as 2010 or so.  What I put up with to have someone in my life so I would not be disappeared.

PS Deborah Tavares has put up a new You Tube channel but the audio of disappearing ti’s is not on it.  Where did it go?