I am being silenced

Despite V2k threats, I reopened my blog a few weeks ago.  I closed it last Fall and had been absent 11 months.

To bring traffic to the blog and to improve my flaccid writing skills, I decided to once again use the Daily Prompts.  The first couple of times it worked and a few people visited.  After that, the Pingback did not work, and I waited for 12 hours for my Prompt to post.

After that, they did not post at all, despite bringing it to the Forum twice and also it being referred to Staff.  I even had a response from a Staff member saying he would look at it but I guess he didn’t.

A few days ago, the Power Cord to my computer failed so I could not use it without running out the battery.  I just replaced it, but feel the same sabotage I was getting when I did the Writing 101 course and came home to find a dead motherboard on my old computer in 2014.  I’ve also had my DSL shut off for weeks at a time, twice.  Both for petty reasons that the phone company could have handled in a day or two.

The perps want me to just shut up and take it.  I can’t.  I’m nearly a shut-in being afraid to go out alone anymore.  There is too much violence and all the perping I got on public transpo was wearing me down.  I had to stop my walks due to extreme gangstalking and threats of violence.  So, here I have my computer and that’s it.

Another time I got sent viruses for posting something “they” did not like. This time, it’s because I posted that I was molested.  I’m sick of living in shame over it.  Now,  this particular man would be serving time and be eternally branded a “sex offender” for the rest of his life!  Then, I took it on the chin by being taunted by my parents and classmates as a “whore” and a “slut”.  I was very naive at that age and had no idea what was going to happen or what people were really like.

Now, I can’t participate in Daily Prompts.  Someone wants me to just shut up and sit here and die.


Sorry about the lag in posting, I am so depressed and uninspired that I can’t find inspiration to write the Daily Prompts. Some I don’t like others would provide too much information about me.

I bought a paper diary to write thoughts on my Bible Study but it became a bitching book full of grief over gangstalking and misery.  As soon as I started the diary my life took a dive and the perps went out of control.  It even seemed God would not help me. The perps don’t want a written record of this even though it can be sluffed off as the writings of someone crazy were it found.  For some reason writing on the Net does not make the perps as angry.  Maybe because they can push a button and erase someone off the Net but a paper diary is slightly but only slightly harder to destroy.  I have been tempted to post it but its really angry and revealing about myself and others.  It has become an albatross around my neck.  Keeping it is a burden because I have to carry it everywhere–shredding it means I concede defeat again and give up yet another piece of my life to the perps.

Strange, I have other paper diaries, one of which is posted here, that they don’t care about.  I guess it’s because they were written before I was aware of the nightmare of my life.  Well, that’s it.