New Year Blues

It is the afternoon of Dec. 31, 2017.  Soon yet another year will come.  How was your year?  Mine sucked again.  After all the excitement over the new President, my gs and V2k only got worse.

I have enjoyed? watching the Forum with (now) Ramola D., but she has fewer viewers and less traffic but she is growing slowly.  Having non-ti’s involved (Paul and Mindy) seemed to make the show more “legit” somehow to outsiders who could be convinced.  I like the show but the reason for having to watch it is ABOMINATION. How can we, in the land of the “free” be worse off than slaves?

The Construction is over for now on my street but a new phone tower is up and running literally in the front yard.  My cat checked out at the vet, thank God.  She is not that young anymore.  It’s very cold now after a very long warm Fall.

I was alone for Thanksgiving and Christmas and now New Year.  My “friend’s” situation has improved.  She has been discharged from the hospital and is now home and has her car.  She was acting like she didn’t want her cats back.

The shit with my therapist hurt the most.  I won’t trust a therapist again.  I thought we were “close”.  We laughed, we joked, I shared pics of my cat with her.  I even bought a tiny t shirt to put on the cat to show her.  The cat hated it.  I went through all kinds of shit with her since early 2015 and thought she would be there for me.  Now I have no one to tell my stuff to.  Friends come and go but I didn’t think a therapist would shank me like that.  She really helped me in late 2015 when I was literally falling apart, and then again in 2016.  This year it seems we were sort of just hanging in there.

My “sister” will be 50 this coming year and I still have not seen her since 2005.  13 years.  Sick of using FB to check up on her.  She is blessed to even be 50.  She has had cancer and heart disease already.

I am still sitting under the shadow of that false accusation.

I wish there was better news to tell.



4 thoughts on “New Year Blues

  1. Hi,
    I hope you get this.
    Thank you for your blog.
    Kudos to you for doing it.
    I haven’t seen any recent posts from you. Are you okay? I hope so.

    Where I live (CA) the stalking is really bad too. I think it’s the worst in the country. Used to love it here. 😦

    I am being hit with chemicals constantly. I know you know about this. I think they are trying to give me cancer or something. They certainly don’t wish me well. It’s really unbelievable how they are willing to exterminate us like insects. This makes everyone at risk too as you know. They do it around kids too.
    Blessings to you.


    • I think any ti who lives to be a certain age they try and kill with “disease”. A lot of ti’s do not live to be 50 because of suicide-homicide-drug addiction. A 70 year old ti is odd. How long have you been targeted?


    • Neverending1 abandoned her blog and Twitter on January 8, 2015. Until that day she posted nearly daily except near the very end. I tried to ask where she went but no answer. I looked up on the Net under her real name and nothing. After she left, my blog virtually died. I rarely post now. She has no You Tube, nothing. Are you on You Tube or an online message board, etc….?


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