Landlady acts like she owns me

I do not know if I mentioned that my “landlady” (read perp) constantly threatens and bullies me via V2k and she and her friend mock me all the time.  Just this morning, she tried to tell me what to put into my coffee, what to wear, what to listen to…all attached to the threat that I will be imprisoned at home without a chance to leave.  When she goes outside she smirks with all her might.  She never leaves the apartment complex except about 5 hours a week because she wants to mindread me all the time and order me around. She used to go places all the time.

Even on YouTube she tells me what I can watch.  She acts like she owns me and I’m just a big doll she can push around.  This apartment is hell.  She acts like I will be forced to live here the rest of my life.  I’d rather die.

The mindreading begins even before I get out of bed.  I think a thought and she starts stomping overhead.  Every time I think a thought she does not like, she bangs the wall or the floor.  On top of her blaming me for the fire, she tried to convince me via mind control I was abusing my cat.  I almost had a nervous breakdown.  Then, she leaves on that “vacation” and the fire happens….well, it was sure nice not having her around when she was on vacation.

This morning she terrorizing me whether I could have chocolate or regular milk in my coffee.  The other perps are now perping me with the color blue.  Blue clothes, blue stuff all over the ground, etc…My landlady only wears blue.  I think she was behind this forbidding to wear certain color stuff back in 2005.  That was 12 years ago and they are still doing it even though “they” promised they’d stop it in 2009.

She told me I could not drink coffee or tea while doing Bible study, and that I could not use praise and worship songs to sing to.  All with THE THREAT.

Ms. Landlady sure acts like a lion around me. She is totally OWNED by the hag 2 doors down. Landlady monster drew me in with fake friendliness to collect info on me for years.  I want to expose her name   A few months ago, she whispered to me where no one could hear that she wanted to “break” me like I was a rebellious SLAVE.  I want to shame her for what she really is.


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