A Strange Concept

I read the strangest thing  online.  This woman, who also makes YouTube videos, has an article online where she describes the “game” evil people play to get the good out of life while we seemingly get “punished” by God by getting evil.  Some begin to question their faith or even abandon it thinking they aren’t really God’s people when it is really the enemy that steals the blessings of the good and swaps them the curses due to them.  I’ve listened to this woman’s videos and they are odd, but, this is a concept I have never heard.  She said it was old as time.  You have to read deep into the article which is controversial and anti Israel and anti black to find it.  It is only in one paragraph where she describes good people getting the “fools reward” instead of blessings that get stolen by the evil. Most of the article, except for the Scripture verses is well, conspiracy.  There are some interesting videos linked at the end.

I have also heard that the evil suck the energy out of people because they have none of their own and a target who was once kind, and compassionate and energetic becomes lazy and depressed because all the good is being milked out of them.  Also, I have heard that the evil ones create bad situations for victims to create “loosh” or negative energy, that they feed on like food to keep going.  That could partially explain all the magazines about celebrities exposing their flaws and enjoying the problems in their lives and chasing them with the perparazzi.  The articles and TV shows provide a kind of “loosh” for the soul dead populance.

The article on loosh says that 9/11 was a mass loosh harvest for the elite’s demonic overlords.  You have to click to subscription box off to easily read the article.

PS  She made her last YouTube video about a year ago.


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