It’s getting worse

My gangstalking has gotten worse since Trump was inaugurated.  I am seeing tons of cars with one headlight, brighting, street theatre, including one woman who walked down my street with her arm in with her sleeve dangling the sleeve as if threatening me with some kind of amputation.

I’m also getting more attempts to CONTROL me including the wearing of nail polish, wearing certain colored clothes, watching videos and even reading library books!  I broke their “control” a little 2 nights ago and watched a brief video on Tavistock and all kinds of weird things happened yesterday.   They even want to forbid me to watch movies in bed with the cat b/c I and the cat enjoy it. Even my Internet was down for awhile.

A vlogger named Chris Gristle said that he heard from a perp that when Trump got in that the gangstalking would not stop but be given to other people to run.  I thought the race baiting would stop and I could start leaving home by myself again.  I still see the race baiters.  They stand across the street or on the corner daring me to leave the house.  They hung around the house in groups right before the election daring me to go out and vote.  The whole thing was run by two WHITE WOMEN in a huge black SUV that I keep seeing.  One black woman kept gnashing her teeth at me like a mad dog then later came by and asked me why I didn’t kill myself.  She is also a master of disguise wearing different wigs and even dressing as a man one day so I could not recognize her.  My horrible “neighbor” came and paid her something out by the dumpsters when she came by later wearing a blonde wig and pushing a shopping cart.

I stil want to watch Eric Karlstrom from pineconeutopia, but he’s a rabid Antisemite and if I watch him, aren’t I silently assenting to his views?  He has this huge Antisemitic manifesto on one of his Web pages.

He has lots of shows on the Tavistock Institute, which is a bunch of psychiatrists in London who started the NWO as we see it now.  They are presented as the main player as to why life is like it is now. They are presented as the inventors of the CIA.  Essentially they psychologically control everyone and control their worldview.  Humans are psychiatrized slaves whether they see a shrink or not.

The perps REALLY do not want me to see any videos on Tavistock.  They threaten punishments galore.

WordPress or the perps are erasing my posts as I write them and no drafts are saved.  I tried to write a post a few days ago that got erased.

The criminals are also getting PHYSICAL WITH ME.  I’m getting too many “hot flashes” now and I think I’m getting microwaved.  I have also been getting scary dizzy spells.  I was in the bathroom with my laundry and I felt an invisible “hand” try to push me into the bathtub.  My shin hit the edge of the tub and I managed to get the laundry to my room, but this is scary.  I had a dizzy spell the week before and the room spun.  That has not happened to me since one New Year’s Eve when I was just 21 and drank to excess.  I don’t drink now.

I went to get Dramamine for the dizziness and all they offer now is powdered GINGER in capsules.  What is going on?  I was going to get real Dramamine just in case there was a blockage in my ears causing the dizziness.  Just powdered ginger in a capsule.

I’m aging so fast it seems daily.  I used to look young for my age.

Didn’t those ti’s who insisted people vote for Trump know no one gets to be assistant dogcatcher unless they are a NWO shill?  I had brief hope but it’s gone.


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