Hope Has Faded

Hope has faded since the wrinkles have appeared and my

Faith in the future has been lost by hearing that

“gangstalking is for life”

Which means I have no life.  No life at all.


Every day is an ordeal to get through.

Mornings are the worst knowing

I will have to live all over again today in my nightmare world.


Hope has faded in God Who I had hoped would save me out of

All this.  I still wonder if I’m saved at all after hearing about


My Jewish childhood did not warn me of this being chosen for Heaven.

We lived life in the here and now and didn’t think of the afterlife.

That came after Christianity.


Afraid to live, afraid to die.

This was not the future my parents drummed into me.


2 thoughts on “Hope Has Faded

    • You might be a target then. A lot of targets don’t like the word “gangstalking” because they think it refers to gangs, but I always liked it because it reminds me of being “ganged up on”. Some people call it organized stalking or OS/EH, etc…basically it’s a sign of the end of the world.

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