Daily Prompt: Giant

via Daily Prompt: Giant

Gangstalking turns perp pygmies into giants, but they will get their day even if they have to wait until after their death to see it.  The cowardice of the average “American” is astonishing that even the family of a target disposes of them.  America, you deserve Trump, but will probably get Hillary so we targets can get more of the same old thing.  Trump is probably a king in disguise but the ti’s are backing him.  I don’t believe politicians.  Unless he stated he would help targets, I might then consider voting for him.

“Amerrrica”, you deserve the monster of your own making:  a billionaire reality TV star, Donald Trump.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Giant

    • Because of the extreme PC (political correctness) that ensured during Obama, plus all the black anger and entitlement after he got in. There was black on white murders here. People thought the bullshit would end with Trump “draining the swamp”. The Democratic Party is in shambles and has lost its way.


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