Back, sort of

I just got the courage to reopen my blog after tons of perp threats a year ago.   I did not get “left alone” after I hid the blog and life even became more miserable.  I have an unfinished blog from way back in 2014 I need to finish.

Someone managed to comment on this blog when it was hidden.  Yes, I do read only King James Version and have studied the Bible and/or sermons daily for years.  I was even doing this journaling thing I picked up on a Bible website.

At first, learning I was ti drew me closer to God, but as time went on I wore out and started to backslide as things got worse.  I tried to get better in 2011 and have never backslidden the way I did before that, but it’s hard.

Losing Neverending1’s blog hurt me a lot.  I also went through two lengthy periods where my DSL was cut off.  I have been a coward by not posting but fear entered my heart last Fall and it just seemed easier to not blog.

Except for the same ol, not much has changed except I have no teeth now and wear dentures.  Another ti put the fear of God in me about dentists and I let my teeth go down until they could not be saved.  Money was also a consideration.  Two houses near me are now empty:  one for rent and one for sale.  No doubt perps will live there.  Due to a Supreme Court ruling, homeless people live all over the sidewalk/alleys in my neighborhood.  Sometimes I am scared to take out the trash as a homeless woman camps there and she does not like me. (nose swipe, nose swipe, she is a perp)

The place I stayed when I was homeless burned down.  It was arson.  People are trying to stick it on me.  Whoever did this needs to be brought to justice.  I have a feeling that whoever did this wanted it blamed on me so I would disappear.  2016 has actually been a hell of a year if I got into detail.

I think the prez election is a joke and whoever wins will not help ti’s.  I’ve heard on You Tube that some ti’s are getting left alone, but not me because I’m “type 4”.

My on again off again “friend” betrayed me again.  Nothing new.  I’d like to shout out to MW that I’m not such a chicken after all if you ever find this.




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