Still no computer

Here I am at the lib. again!  I think I’m deliberately denied service by my ISP and the phone company.  I have called my ISP at least half a dozen times or more and have had contractors with the ISP and the phone company come to the house.  It’s always a different story why my DSL is off and so on.  I also heard laughing TWICE when I called my ISP to nag them again and again.  How very funny.  Once I was asked what the “meaning” of my email handle was.  I did not tell them.  This laughing is new, however.  Someone, somewhere wants me cut off from the world and shut up.  c. said to call up the phone co to “beg” for my line back.  hahahaha.   I pay those f*ck*rs 1000 a year to keep my phone on!  They ain’t food stamps! They are a for profit phone company based thousands of miles from us, not a government agency.  I’m not begging. I’m not a dog.


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