Still no computer

Over a month. They are definitely keeping me offline at home. I tried to respond to a blog post but something happened. I’m at a wifi spot. The last time I had a birthday party was at age 10, and then had cake and ice cream at age 20 at a mental health halfway house. Parents would take me out to dinner, that’s it. Even college graduation was muted. I thought I would finally get the party I was missing. We went out for COFFEE after the ceremony. Remember, I missed HS graduation and my Bat Mitzvah. I was waiting for the PARTY. My “friend” and I went out for each other’s birthdays but she would want the most expensive food and try to undercut my birthday dinner to a cheap place.

No one hears my voice except perps as I respond in anger and I shouldn’t but they did me one worse when I ignored them about 2010.

I know I’m not crazy but was labeled as such to shut me up and to eventually kill me.


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