Nazis are coming

Yesterday I went to Target (ha ha) and got food and household supplies.  When I walked out an employee of TARGET giving it to the TARGET and a black man were talking about me using DIRECTED BULLSHIT CONVERSATION, which is being flung at me now by passers by saying how much they hate me and how I’m crazy and using the word “barry” a lot.  Liberals race carding me.  Stopped voting in 2004.  Hate today’s liberals but can’t swallow becoming a Repub.  Well, this black man told the employee that me buying food was a WASTE OF FOOD.  Get it?  I don’t have the right to eat.  I need to be exterminated.  Had a woman come by me about 6 months ago mumbling something about concentration camps.  I think the root of all this TARGETING  is antisemitism that the cowards were too scared to show my whole family.


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