3 Gone

Three sites I follow online are suddenly gone.  One is NE1 another is a blog about eating disorders and another is a pastor that put his sermons up….poof!  All gone. Police are hanging around again looking to put me into trouble.  My former “friend” is also gone, too. She never talked to me more than half the year anyway.  Selfish old bitch. The demons who run these perp operations put all kinds of evil thoughts in her head about me.  They put evil things in my neighbor’s heads and everyone I see on the street.  Total Orwellian hell.  No hope.  Even God is on vacation it seems.

PS….Well the Pastor is keeping his old sermons up but nothing new since mid October when my newest troubles were beginning.  I can’t go to church because I just get perped.  I ain’t “Going to Perp” to tithe my money and waste time getting dressed up to get harassed.  I”m thinking Burger King or McDonald’s or Wendy’s can have a kid’s coloring sheet a.k.a. “Where’s Waldo”? with the Pastor to find.  Where’s the Pastor?  I’ll have his bald old head poppin up all over the page and hapless kids and adults looking for him including Shelock Holmes and Matlock, etc….

PPS…reading another ti’s blog (Uncontrolled Opposition) and the “Where’s Waldo?” comment is rude.  It refers to Catholics looking for nonconformist “Waldensians” who were started by Peter Waldo.  Did Burger King think they were cute when they made that little tray liner game?  “Waldo” was some kind of nerdy guy in the game.  Maybe the Pastor is being targetted and is not posting sermons for a reason.  I hope he’s OK.


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