Betrayal by Broken Heart Emo Published Sep 14, 2009

“Betrayal”  by Broken Heart Emo

So this is it….
I finally found out the truth
Never expected it from you! ! !
I thought you were my friend….
But you weren’t….
You were just using me just like you used all the other people…
For your own selfish reasons…
I always thought those people who left your friendship were wrong! !
But no, what I thought was wrong! !
I’m never gonna forgive you…
Nor will others! !
Because you are a person of betrayal…
No one can ever trust you…
You betrayed once… so you can betray again…
One day everyone will find the truth…
And you will be all alone…
Begging for forgiveness…
Then you will realize your behavior! !
N regret
All you have done…
And come apologizing back…
But I know you
You are as stubborn as ever…
And you will never do that…

Because there is one thing you are good at
That is

It has been 30 years since I was in school studying poems so I’ve forgotten most of them.  I remember the authors–some of them–but have forgotten particular poems.  So much has happened since then.  This is a recent poem I found on a web site that states my feelings exactly right now. The only line I disagree with is “never forgive”.  People are flawed creatures easily influenced by others and this person may have been influenced.

I think the author above states my emotions well.


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