For years it sits dormant
Then the spark is lighted that you can't stop
it's forming into a hard hot ball.  A creature unto itself
roaring to life inside you.  You try and calm it and douse it but
it comes anyway.  You say you are too far along to give way to Rage
but there it is exploding out of you!  Fists clenched, teeth gnashed,
the creature you thought you got rid of is right there again. You want to
kick the wall or break your dishes.  Screaming would be just fine. You push Rage
back down and it calms again.  When will I be past being angry?  Am I doomed?  We are all
sinners you say to yourself:  Why can't I get rid of anger and rage towards this person?   Is there righteous
anger?  Or is it all sin?

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