Old Post Waiting Until I got online again….

August 10, 2014

My ‘puter is broke.  :(.  I have to neglect my blog and writing projects.  (probably by design the perps killed the computer to keep me from participating in Writing U).  I am reading the Bible Al Fresco w/o Commentary except yesterday when I caught up a bit on someone else’s computer.

Perps as bad as ever.  Now I’m getting race-baiting as well as the rest of it.  I suspect my Landlady is coming in when I’m not here.  Two men goose stepped up the aisle when I went shopping yesterday.  I “outed” them as perps. and they just mumbled “f-you” and left.  Fako cop skit @ restaurant as I ate very late last night.  Cops sort of being called on a man but he’s NOT arrested but given a cab ride home just like the little skit right in front of the apartment with my neighbor.  Cops cuffed him then let him go to the dry out center.  Ahhhh showbiz.  Cops showing people “getting away” with things in front of me to show me they get lenient treatment if they are perps.  I remember the bitch with the syringe stuck in her hand and the man who pulled the knife on me.  Then there was the woman (who looks familiar) who told a perp newbie that they were “doing it for America” as they walked by.  Bunch of sick stupid cowards.  That was after the newbie threatened my cat.  Then there was the couple that tried to live behind the dumpster across from my window until they were hauled off by cops when I was GONE OF COURSE.  Mr. Smartypants living behind the dumpster told me he was getting a thousand to sleep behind the dumpster and spy on me.  Money has been tight since I decided I wanted a corset.  I have been short every month.  I am already almost out of money and I have to pay for computer services I”m NOT using.  I don’t want to cut them off since if get a new computer who would take me?  No magic miracle this time re: the computer.  Why do I hang on?  What for?  I do not know what would happen to the cat if I was not here.  She is not young anymore and might not be adopted.


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