One new person introduced into a life that loathes change

Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

It would be hard to say I met anyone “new” this past year since I rarely meet any new friends.  I don’t work so I don’t meet new co workers, I don’t go to the same coffee-shop so I don’t see the same baristas, I don’t even ride the same bus much.  Even my cat has been with me 2.5 years.  I don’t volunteer even anymore so the few people I would meet that way I don’t anymore.  That leaves very slim pickings.  The new interesting person I’ve met this past 18 months has been my now soon to be ex therapist.  All my life I have been in some kind of therapy or another starting with a psychiatrist at age 14.  Every therapist, psychologist and psychiatrist I have had all these years have been older than me.  This time, for the first time, my therapist was younger than me. In the beginning, I was sort of angry.  I didn’t think she could do the job.  I was wrong.  Not only was she a good therapist, she was very intelligent, mature, and wise.  The discomfort over the age gap was soon closed as I was able to see her more often during tough periods of my life these past 18 months.  I think she even (sort of) understands what I go through even though she has not completely bought it.  She said: “I don’t know about the stalking but I do know people do not treat you fairly and let’s leave it at that”. Very simple, yet respectful.  I’m going to miss her


Today’s twist: Turn your post into a character study.

I do not think I know my therapist enough to do a character study as I have only seen her in an office setting.  I did have a therapist that would meet me out of office for lunch and things but that was eons ago.  She seems a young fresh new professional with about 5 years of experience that is now entering yet another new phase in her life:  she has found a man to marry.  She is mid 30s butappears younger.  She looks like a young farm girl. She is not loaded down with heavy hair color, makeup or tattoos.  I think she wears her natural color (which is rare now).  She is not thin but not obese.  Sort of plump but not offensively so.  She will have to “watch it” in years to come or end up looking like me.  😦    She likes to wear cute outfits designed for young people.  She never wears a suit or a dress.  She may be a little old to be a millennial but a bit young to be a gen x’er like myself.  She likes her office to look cozy and brings food items there so she can take lunch fast.  She is quickly becoming a rare sort of person as I can tell she actually cares.  Finding someone who cares these days is rare.  I can’t do a deeper character study of her since I do not know her outside of work.  Maybe you guys will have an assignment where I can give a character study of a person I’m familiar with in a close way,.


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