Someone had to bring it up.

Was Elliot Rodger, a.k.a. the Las Islas “shooter” a ti or a spoiled crazy kid?

He seemed to have a lifetime of rejection and loneliness despite having advantages growing up.  He even attended the premiere of “Hunger Games” but could not get a date for that!  I have watched a couple of videos of his and he seemed self absorbed and egotistical but that does not mean he was not targetted.  I would not like to own him as a fellow ti, but he was not bad looking or stupid so why could he not find one date?  He said he had never even been kissed.  Men started acting like I was disgusting after the targetting got underway but I didn’t just want any man and I was waiting for God to give me the perfect one.  One man even admitted they put disgusting thoughts about me in his head when I was around him.  I find it hard to conceive he could not get ONE skinny bimbo to go out with him.  He drove a BMW and lived in his Daddy’s mansion when he wasn’t renting an apt near his college.

Here are some stories on the man.  He is dead now.  He killed 7 including himself and injured 13 others.


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