Predestination is the idea that God pre destines every soul to heaven or hell even before they are born. It is in the Bible. Some people believe it is true, others believe we have a choice to be holy or to sin our lives away. Most of the Bible appears to be people making choices for or against God and how God responds to it. If people did not make their own choices our human race would resemble a huge Chess game or multiplayer video game. Our free will and power to think would be a lie.

Predestination drives me nuts. I can never figure it out. Predestination would mean that saved people could not ever sin enough to be lost and lost people could not choose to come to God and get saved.

Perps try and create a world around ti’s that resembles Predestination by screwing people’s perceptions of reality and limiting choices.  I really hate the idea of Predestination.

I must have the choice to live or not to live….a puppet cannot choose to be good.



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