This video is about teens forced into mental institutions. It’s the first video I’ve seen on it. These kids spent less time in the hospital than I did but seem scarred for life. I was ready to move on with life only a few years after the hospital but then the perps showed up in 1987.

One woman relates how she cannot be in enclosed places nor go to a hospital. I relate to the man who was hospitalized with substance abuse (although he said he did not use at the time) because the hospital also made me out to be a demon to my parents so they would back off from me.  He and his parents do not get along to this day.  Notice a lot of aircraft flying over his head as he speaks.  Familiar?

They made me out to be what the perps WERE.

The worst instance was the girl who was hospitalized from SCHOOL because her enemies noticed a small cut on her arm. Her parents weren’t notified until later.

It is a long video but worth watching. There are some differences between my hospitalization and theirs. I wasn’t forbidden to touch people for one and also we went to school in the hospital. We had outings if you were at a higher level.  We were still locked up like animals most of the day.  There were few individual bedrooms and we were 4 to a room unlike these kids who were 1 or 2 to a room.

Roseanne Barr was an inmate of forced hospitalization as a youth and is a “truther” now but I have no idea if she is an actual ti.

Also, of interest is the forced incarceration of youths in what were known as “laundries”.  Unwed mothers, and all other kinds of youngsters that did not fit in were sent here and sometimes unlawfully incarcerated for life and worked to death by nuns.  They had these all over the world, not just Ireland.  The video “Sex in a Cold Climate” interviews some of these ladies who were incarcerated.  These “laundries” also operated in the US.  The hospital experience was nothing compared to the “laundries” which not only physically took advantage of women (and sexually) but economically as well.

The last “laundry” closed in 1996.  I lost a link to one page where an American girl was sent to a laundry here in the U.S. and watched a suicidal girl being put into a “dungeon” and never heard from again after she was beaten by nuns.  Celebrity Sinead O’ Connor was an inmate at a “laundry” for over a year when she was young.  If you see a picture of her now, only in her 40s, she looks all old and beaten down.  She was very pretty when I was young.  She tore up a picture of Pope John Paul on Saturday Night Live and no one knew why until recently.  I saw it as an act of dumb rebellion until I read she had been at one of those homes



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