Prompt 5

Prompt #5: Can’t believe I just said that

Write about a moment when you said or did something extremely embarrassing or accidentally insulting. Go into detail about the feeling of mortification, and how you felt after you said it.

Does this help exorcise the guilt/embarrassment at all? Can you imagine a fictional character going through the same process?

It was something I did.  The perps keep on putting me in embarassing situations where I say or do the wrong thing via setups and skits, but, this was my fault.

I have 2 men working on a project for me.  While they were there I had to use the bathroom.  I went, then went out to watch the men build my project which I won’t share, since it’s TMI.

I looked down and realized I had forgotten to buckle my belt!  I almost died.  I bet they thought I was trash looking to get it on with them.  I have had other times I forget to buckle my belt, but this was the worst.  I’m not used to belts but these “new” jeans with the short waists need them and they still don’t fit.

I did not know what to do.  I could not bring it up to them so I went, buckled it, and acted like nothing had happened.  End of story.

Could I imagine an imaginary person with this minor but humiliating problem?  I guess.

Britney walked into her first pre Law lecture.  The stadium type class was packed.  There were very few seats.  One nearby would require her to push herself past a whole row of students and their laptops and backpacks.  As she moved into the row to take a seat she kept hearing “ouch” and “clank” and was alarmed.  Several people were giving her looks.  Soon, she found the reason.  Her beautiful new belt that she had bought had been left unbuckled since she left the restroom at 7-11 a half hour ago.


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