Prompt #2: Zombie Invasion

At this moment, the area you’re in is suddenly ravaged by zombies. With the internet and phone lines cut off, all you have at your disposal are things in your room. What sort of strategies do you use to get out? How do you see things differently now that they can be used for your survival?

Well already we have a TMI post:  I may not like to divulge what I have on “hand” to “resist zombies” considering I think most people are “zombies” enslaved by the system and are easy to bait into being perps.  The bodies are alive but what’s left in the mind?  A vengeful 12 year old child?  I guess this prompt is talking about nasty undead humans though.

If zombies are”soulless undead former humans” then they are animated by demons, right?  If nasty smelly zombies have cut off all our communications then they are intelligent and not easy to catch and destroy.  Would Bible verses and songs keep them off?  Doubt it.  I really have nothing in here to take down a zombie.  Screaming Bible verses and putting Crisco on the ground would only work a little while.

Incinerating them would not kill the “body” and the demon would fly free and get a new body to live in.  You would have to bind the demon in the zombie or demons, cast them out, then destroy the undead “person” who probably would not be moving then, or would they? Unless you have facilities set up to incinerate mass amounts of zombies it would be a stinky mess.  Lots of fire is needed to burn zombies, apparently.

I do not know what zombies are attracted to or what zombies hate.  In this article, it says you need to damage the brain to kill the zombie.  I say cast out the demon making it move.  To get from point A to point B quickly you’d need a firearm unless you had a huge loudspeaker to cast all the demons out of all the zombies in your area.  The “fast” zombies, or still living human zombies are even more threatening but can be killed more easily.

You’d need to stay far enough for the zombies so they cannot bite you.  If they bite, you become one of the undead.  I’m looking around and I don’t see a thing that could hurt a zombie except maybe things that could trip their clumsy lower extremities and make them slip.  Unless I had a helicopter pick me up or I had a huge firearm I would not get out.

This article says the smell of alcohol deters zombies.  Maybe I’d cover myself in wine and run for it but not get far.  Zombies do not like day as much as night.  Maybe I’d wash myself in wine at dawn, and run if I knew where a safehouse was.

I know almost nothing about zombies.



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