Three Wishes???

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

Too bad God does not grant “wishes” like a genie in a bottle.  The word “genie” comes from djinn, or demon.  But if the Lord granted “wishes” I already know what I “want”.

This may not be what God “wants” for me.

  1. The perps out of my life
  2. Good friends.
  3. Lots of weight gone.
  4. I know there is not a “4” but a way to support myself.

P.S.  Cars have been going by and gunning their motors all day.  I guess another “new” thing to add to my gs.  Before, they were creeping by and looking in the window.



13 thoughts on “Three Wishes???

  1. 3 wishes, eh? Well then…

    1) For God to see the truth about how freewill has been stolen from the people of this world, one way or another. & to make judgments accordingly, instead of it being this sick black & white thing without any respect for circumstances involved in one’s life (such as targeting done since childhood, human experimentation, early childhood trauma, mind control, etc., etc.). These things are not cited as excuses, but rather as reasons & causes for what is wrong in our world.

    2) For those at the top of this sick pyramid, who profit from other people’s suffering & use mind control (whether through tv flicker-rate trance, post hypnotic suggestion, subliminal messages through implants, or evil sorcery & curses) to get other people to do their dirty work for them (i.e. war, murder, abortion, etc.) to be held accountable for being the puppet masters they are, who should be held ultimately responsible for the results of their mind control, because how can you hold a puppet accountable for the actions of the puppet master?

    3) For an ultimate end to all need & suffering so that no one (yes, even those power-hungry, mind controlling a-holes) is eternally damned & everyone is eventually forgiven, & no one has to be greedy or selfish anymore.

    Is that too much to ask for?

    Every day I am reminded of things I did in my past that were bad, by people driving me mad with synthetic telepathy, yet those doing this “reminding” refuse to consider the trauma I had as an infant, including being separated from my natural mother at birth, the drowning at 3y/o, the neglect from my adoptive parents, & the implants in my ears, among other things. I may have been messed up, but by ignoring the circumstances, they are allowing the same behaviors to continue with the next generations.


    • Wow you are nice. What thought out replies! Remember whatever you did is nothing to what they do everyday. It’s a miracle you survived all of that! I have major trouble forgiving the perps. Maybe in the beginning they did it for necessity for some reason but they truly enjoy hurting others. Every time I’ve tried to take back my life I’ve been punished by the perps. We have no real free will and we are slaves.


      • I agree…, any freewill we may have is only our reactions to their controlling our lives in the first place… yet, I don’t want anyone to go to hell for eternity.
        We are “punished” but only for things that we were controlled into…. so one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing.
        In my case, this has been happening to me all of my life with weird mental/emotional manipulations going on from parents, friends, boyfriends, etc., etc.
        I would like those perpetraiting (trait for “traitor”) this on me to live my life & then assess if what they did was acceptable.
        Hey… are you ever on google +?


      • I had a bad teenage rebellion and I think mine was freewill to an extent. I was also isolated and set apart from people at an early age which made me rebel from all the hurt it gave me. I am very resentful that I’ve probably never had a normal relationship with anyone. I don’t use the occult or numerology for any kind of wisdom in my case because I don’t want to backslide from my Christiany now. I am fascinated by numbers and the perps always tried to incorporate numbers into my life to trigger me. I read one of your posts. I’m not on Google Plus. I signed up for an email there once but forgot my sign in…it was only to watch a You Tube video that had been “flagged” for some reason.


      • I only ask since I am on right now & we could chat that way….
        regarding the occult… I can see how it had an effect on my life & the lives of others who were not interested in the occult in anyway. It was only when I began to look into it, that I discovered it had an effect on my life. It is their use of these “graven images” that had the impact on my life to the extent of removing a giant portion of my freewill.


      • I just can’t go there. It’s a slippery slope. When I was backsliding I looked into all kinds of weird stuff and I think just looking into this stuff is dangerous to me. I do wonder who thought I needed to be such an intensely targetted individual. I always felt the odd one out but it wasn’t until I was 22 I saw my first perps.


      • Things got really ugly for me in 2008… that is the year I found my implants & also the year that I began to hear voices, but my whole life seems to have been manipulated with various forms of mind control. I was adopted, so I think I was sold into this program at birth.

        I think that freewill is severely impeded to a point where your life is ruined & you react in negative ways, but at that point, you are unaware of the cause… once you’ve done enough stuff they can blame you for, then they attack, maybe? That’s just a theory.

        For me, when I look back on my life, I can cite various instances where it seems like people were doing this sort of thing to me, even in childhood, but it wasn’t this bad. You grow up in this world believing in freewill, human rights, etc., so you don’t suspect that some of the people around you are there to specifically put you down& harass you… you think maybe they’re just jerks doing this to you. Then it gets to a point where you recognize something strange that doesn’t match what we’ve been told about the world, is going on.

        I think TI stories are so varied because it makes it less believable. If every TI had the same events happen at the same time in their lives, then it would look more to those not involved that there was some truth to the story. By keeping everyone’s experience so different, it makes us (TIs) look inconsistent, which is a part of the plan.

        I believe that those in on the harassing know exactly what they are doing & how it will impact the person it is being done to, what the possible reactions will be, etc. When you are told you have freewill, & then you find out that you never really did, it can be disturbing to say the least.

        The moment a person’s freewill is impeded, whether through serious trauma in infancy, tv flicker rate hypnosis & post hypnotic suggestion, implants, whatever, that person’s whole life has changed & accountability falls back on the controllers.


      • I first noticed something was “wrong” when people who seemed to be way behind me were ahead of me in life no matter how many times they messed up or how stupid they were. I was always on the bottom. I still think we have choices if we can recognize when we are be manipulated by the perps. I will reject their suggestions and mind screwing when I can, especially if it goes against my religion. I think I had a fan obsession because “they” wanted me to waste my life on it and then at a certain time pull the rug out from under me and leave me desolate and lost. At that time I found Christianity. I was almost 30.


      • While there are always some choices, I have seen how these particular choices the victim is left with are heavily influenced by the fact that the majority of freewill was removed from us, TIs. With some of us, it is done at birth. Now they are traumatizing the whole world because they know it messes with the psyche (the word “psyche” is a greek word that refers to the spirit, btw)… consider the amount of mental illness being diagnosed these days, such as depression, bipolar, whatever. Trauma also causes people to become more needy, thereby turning us into bigger consumers. When you traumatize people, especially during infancy, you have changed their psyche, which changes us from being what God or nature intended us to be in the first place.

        This is what I have learned after much research, observation, & personal experience.


      • I totally agree. Everyone is suddenly “mentally ill” and on drugs for it now. The trauma they got was on perpose. They hooked me with the mental card when I was in my teens. I was not on regular drugs after my “stelazine” incident until I was 28 or so and they screwed with my life taking the rug out from under my “fan” life. After that I was drugged until 2008 when I thought I should try to be drug free after what I heard about mind control. It was scary. I really felt my feelings. I also got back into non Christian behaviors to cope with the strong emotions and the latest betrayals I was suffering. I “went back” onto drugs in Jan 2011 and am scared to go off. The perps really got me good in 2010 and I got into anxiety so bad I could not eat, sleep, nor sit still. I was going down.


      • “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” – Krishnamurti

        We indeed live in a very sick society that wants us all sick & dependent on their drugs. If various naturally growing plants were legal, & if there wasn’t something called codex ailmentarius, people wouldn’t need their drugs to cope with the negatives in our world, which the ruling class has caused in the first place. Targeting just adds to the nightmare, doesn’t it?

        If you don’t mind me asking: What do you mean by “non Christian behaviors”? If you want to make this a private conversation, we can. If it’s too personal, I understand.


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